Particles Slow render?


I am doing photorealism render on pyroclastic cloud using particles system (Spray to be specific), What’s best way to apply a material that actually look like a pyroclastic cloud? anyone? Hope its not stupid to ask


afterburn or pyrocluster. they can simulate volumetic areas. great for pyroclastics. if you want to go even further then look at fume.


I’ve been looking at FumeFX but wasn’t sure if it would generate pyroclastic-like cloud. Would they? is it even better than afterburn? Would they work with VRay render?

P.S. I always thought pyroclusters works with C4D only?


Pyrocluster was originally a max plugin – still is. For actual flames and nice looking smoke fume is better, but for volcano style stuff afterburn or pyrocluster is probably the way to go. Fume CAN do it, but it’ll prob require more tweaking… in fact you could use a combo… fume to get the motion, then attach a pflow to transfer the motion to particles, then afterburn to render the particles.


afterburn is much easier for pyroclastic smoke.

Fume is great, but its realy hard to get that thick dense stuff, plus learning curve s a lil rough.

“fume to get the motion, then attach a pflow to transfer the motion to particles, then afterburn to render the particles.”

using this method for a huge storm system, working quite well, but its a hell of a complex set up.



Of course it’s complex… but talk about fun! :thumbsup:


Afterburn is it… After purchasing this plugin tonite (Don’t tell my wife) It got what I wanted. I went through tutorial, seem like it’s very simple task.

Say, if I want to create a scene that display heavy-puffy pyroclastic cloud, aftermath of volcano eruption… I doubt I wouldn’t need multiple-particles at once, but afterburn can do based on size wouldn’t they?

As of now I am still on learning curve, I suppose there are some free tutorial explaining something cool like Allen McKay’s style or similar to his… wouldn’t there be any? if so would you have links? Because I couldn’t find any in google.

Thanks for your suggestion, without it…I’d still suffer on slow render speed.


when i use fumefx movement to drive particles i get odd results quite often :frowning:

dunno which spinner caused the trouble but one does…like 20% of my particles don´t follow the fume movement at all.

and yes. the fume learning curve is not that easy going as it is with flow eg…

kind regards



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