particles retaining "shape" while looking for target


I’m basically placing water drops via texture maps on a plane and i want the drops to converge to a logo. now i managed to get the animation i wanted if it wasn’t for the the fact that i’d like the drops to somehow retain their shape (or most of it) as they are travelling towards my logo. Is there a way to do that in pflow?

… guess i’ll have to play around with box2 :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if i fully understand what the problem is. Your system doesn’t have any shapes assigned to the particles. Model a single drop and use a shape instance in order to achieve that. Or are you talking about the logo shape after the particles found the target successfully and stop?



by shape i meant the volume the particles would actually be creating… but i think i managed to get what i want using box#2 glue and a bit of fiddling around…


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