Particles Points SizePP attribute?


hi there,
i am working on one scene where i need to work with particles - points, because they suits me…but…i needed to set up a ppsize…and guess what! there is non! i could set a “global” size…but not pp attribute!
is there any way how to achieve it? how can i get SizePP attribute for points?

i know, i can do it with spheres, clouds etc…but i still wanna know, why there isnt such a thing like sizepp for points



There is the radiusPP attr. that you can add and play with. Even tho you don’t see the result in the viewport (at least not if you’re using points), some renderers (vRay, pRman) take it into account.


so radiusPP you say…hmm…i use mental for rendering…have to give it a try…thanks

edit: i tried it and…it does not work…mental or hardware…doesn’t matter…size is always the same…and even when i added radius PP + creation expression…i can still change the size of all the particles (points) with size raider…


if you’re using mRay you can render very small cloud particles instead of points. You lose some other PP attributes then (like rgbPP), but maybe you’re not using it in the first place…


yes, that’s what i said before…i can use clouds, spheres…etc…but my question was - how can i get point size pp attribute?


I may be wrong but there is no attribute for point size PP. The only attribute is radiusPP and this does not work for points.

If your using cloud particles (these render fine in mRay), you can use radiusPP.

Set up a random expression for them and every particle will be different. The majority of other PP attributes can still be used.


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