Particles Instance collision?


heya guys.

I have recently tried something i haven’t before and it seems that i stuck :expressionless:

What i did is just make one emitter, make one object to be a instance of the particles and then play… ok all cool, but what am i doing if that object shoud collide with the other instances and it’s not oval shape? The instances are not colliding with the other instances based on their shapes, but on the particles oval shapes. So is there any way i can make the instances to collide?



No. Currently the particles are limited to simple sphere (not even oval) shaped collisions. You can’t collide based on the instance geometry.



Thanks Duncan :slight_smile:

Anyhow i can cheat? Like make the emitter to emit rigid bodies with the regular dynamics, not the nucleus, cuz if i do that with nDynamics it will get realy heavy i guess…



Actually the sphere collisions with nParticles will be about as efficient as you can get. Using the current Maya rigid bodies would be very slow and not work well for large counts of stacked objects. There are tricks for using nCloth for rigids, but I doubt you would find it helpful for emitted instances. If you have a lot of objects you need to accurately collides you could try a plugin like dynamica. (its also free)



how many instanced particles are talking about here?

if it’s not too many, you can convert them into objects with animation with uninstancer plugin from nimble studios, combined them into one object, keeping the history, turn it into ncloth with input atract and turn on self collision. works really well.


mm about 50, 60 pieces, about 200 poly’s each. Not too much but still enough to get’s heavy :slight_smile:

I will try those plug-ins

Thanks :slight_smile:


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