Particles following splines


If you use the method mentioned in my post above and don’t add a speed operator there is no need for a plugin. Hope it saves you a few bucks.:thumbsup:

Edit: almost forgot to mention not to use any forces either that may blow, drag or otherwise gravitate on the particles that you want to stick to the spline.


Hey all,
I need to animate a “scent”. Like in the cartoons how they draw a scent line in the air…the audience can see it as the character follows it with their nose- I’m trying to do that in 3d.

The speed by Icon trick didn’t allow existing particles to hug the spline as i moved it. (same as paccollective 's problem) So actually birthing the particles onto the spline might be the go.

Hey Supreme Pizza how do you get the birth of particles to occur elsewhere from the emitter? I can’t find any option in the birth operator that allows you to pick a spawn point. (This is just the default Particle Flow without any plugins)


You should model your scent trail, then birth particles on it, record the particles position in the vector channel, reposition them, and use the find target ‘by script vector’ option.


Sorry it took so long to reply I’ve been very busy with graduating/relocating the past few weeks and am interested in some contract FX stuff for the next 3 months so email me if you need something.

In reply to the post for anyone else interested in this technique. Follow Glacerice’s advice and use the

“particleVector Sample Script”

Which you can find in the MAXScript reference.

Modify it to your needs.



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