Particles/Dynamic logo build



I need some help with how to build out a scene like the one seen here:
[](http://Sample video)

I have checked out a bunch of tutorials on particles, attractors, cloners, inheritance, etc. and it seems like some combination might work. No first attempts look this clean, obviously, but it seems like I can get there.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is having this smooth wind/cyclone effect. Any tips on how to affect a field of spheres in this manner and smoothly form an object out of them? Any tutorials that do something similar from start to finish? Already poked around GSG but I am wondering if I am missing something just by not knowing how to search.

I am new to C4D but have an alright grasp of the concepts, so anything would be helpful!


Your video isn’t working.
So … guessing at what you want … GSG may have a good start …


This looks very helpful! Thanks!

I updated the post if you are still interested in taking a look.

Thank you!!!