Particles and object pivot.


i am using a pflow and i want to generate particles based on the position of an object but i want them to follow it’s rotation too… The object is rotating but it’s pivot remains the same so when i use position object operator it doesn’t update correctly…
you can see the image attached to understand better what i want to do…


If this is what you are looking for:

you just have to set up your flow like this:

Dont forget to change the $Lightsaber.transform to $YourObjectName.transform
Hope that helps.


nice one! yet so simple but yet so powerful!

kind regards



yes that was what i was looking for. I just thought that maybe there was a way doing it without maxscript. i am also making a lightsaber, everyone makes a lightsaber this days…


althought the particles do what i want in the viewport, they don’t appear in the render, this is driving me nuts…


PsychoSilence - Thanks alot.

doctorx256 - Just add a cache Operator in Event 02 and Set the “Use at” to “Viewport/Render” and Cache it. That should do the trick.
[i]Oh yeah, I wasnt really making a lightsaber. I just saw what you were calling your shape instance and called mine the same :slight_smile:

[/i]Anyways, good luck


Just thought of another thing you might wanna do aswell.
Set the Integration Step for the viewport and the Render to the same thing. Like Frame or whatever. You find that if you click the PF Scource 01 in Particle View.


thank you plejboy for your help… but it doesn’t work again… it must be something i am doing wrong… i post the scene in case you have time to take a look at it just in case you can figure what is wrong…


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