Particle Wireworks with smile form


Hi guys,

I having a problem trying to make a particle fireworks animation.

After the firework fly up, it exploits and fall down slowly. This part is ok, there are tons of tutorials in internet.

My problem is that after if exploit, the fireworks have to show a smile face (smiley), and after that fall down slowly.

So here is my question, how to make the particles after exploit move to a smile face (smiley)?


EDIT : i add a reference pic.


You’ll need to supply some more details… do you want the initial explosion to morph into the smiley faces? or do you want the explosion to BE the smiley faces?

If it’s the latter, then you’ll need to handle it like they do in real life - by placing your blast emitters in the right spot to form your image. When fireworks specialists send up recognizable images, they send up clusters of fireworks that would ultimately create an image. Or they would pack the initial firework in a very specific way.

One thing you can try is by staging your system. Create an object that contains all the emitters that would form your smiley face, already placed in the right spots. Once you’ve done that, create an emitter that will explode and spawn that object instance. I’m not sure if this is actually possible or not in Maya (spawning a group of emitters) but it’s definitely worth a try.


Hi stiltskin,

I want the initial explosion to morph into the smiley faces.


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