particle speed issue (XSI 7 ICE)



Im rather new to the xsi and im having a problem. The problem is that I have this rigid body simulation in ICE (bouncing balls). I have included particle speed nodes but still if i render it out it looks like slow motion. Can anyone hint a solution to this problem? I have tried with all sorts of velocity and gravity nodes but still no effect? Everything else is perfect but its not fast enough.

Thank you in advance…


Maybe your playback is set to “All” (all frames) instead of “RT” (realtime) and the simulation plays back very fast in the viewport. Try “RT”, there’s a button at the bottom of the interface.


no its on Real Time - and i did not find a solution. It seems that particles act faster if they are not instanced (rigid body simulated). And it seems the problem is not present if i dont use ICE but instead am using usual simulation. But im intrested why is this so with ICE?


This is an ICE thread, and there’s a subforum for that.
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