Particle Instances



I am trying to make a particle system with multiple instances in it. I selected the meshs I wanted to be in the system, then the particles, then clicked the particle instance replacement button. Only one of the objects appears to be in the particle system. I checked in the atributes and it says all of the items are listed as particles, but they dont seem to show up.

I hope that wasn’t too convoluted! If someone could help me out, That’d be awesome.



Hi Rindy.
You need to assign to each particle a random Index number at creation so it kwnows what instance to use.You need to create a custom perParticle attribute (call it something like randomIndexPP) and write the following creation expression

randomIndexPP = rand (0 , 4.99);
(assuming you have 5 objects… remember that maya starts counting from 0)

Once you have this… In the instancer options, change Object Index to the custom attribute you created… and it should work


Well said Rispo =]


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