Particle Flow Materials and VRay 1.5 bug?!?


Hy community!

The company i work at the moment just swiched to VRay 1.5. So far so good…

After a few days of getting familiar with the new features i figured out a serious issue (or maybe did something wrong?):

When i use either a static or dynamic material to shade the particles everything looks good in the viewport and renders just as expected and i´m used to with scnaliner. Same goes for older VRay versions (only tested 1.47.x). But VRay 1.5 seems to have issues recognizing wich materialID every particle has and along that wich material has to be assigned.

I already tried to wrap a MESHER compound object around the particle system then i converted it to an edit poly and from then into a vray proxy mesh object. finally i assigned the multi/sub material and thanks god the vray proxy dealed right with the materialIDs…

that´s, let my cut that short a shitty workaround that works but spends some major time!!!

i attached an image explaining the issue a little more visual:

Hopefully anyoe can help out :frowning:

regards and thanks in advance



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