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have you tried the “Keep Apart” operator?


i spose you could use it once they spawn but just dont have them render then use it to move them apart by 1 frame? then apply the shape i guess


3ak posted this for something similar might be useful for you.


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So with this update and inclusion with the Mass FX engine does this change multi threading at all? What about the fume fx birth ops and things like this, I didn’t see them included. Does this mean we will still need to purchase Box 3?


Particle Flow Tools Box #2 & #3 are now part of 3ds Max 2014. There is no need to purchase them unless you are using an older version of max.

There has been nothing stated in regards to multi-threading, either fixes or enhancements. :sad:

Fingers crossed that Autodesk will at least continue to build upon the foundation and prove their current track record wrong by actually improving on something after its acquisition :slight_smile:


I just wanted to get some confusion out of the way…

With the implementation of Box 2 the particle physx simulation is multi threaded.
It has always been.
Check the documentation on how to enable multi threading in your pflow physx sims.

Also the fumefx ops come with fumefx plugin not box3.


Confusion and pflow multi-threading go hand in hand. It is no more multi-threaded than when box#2 was initially released. It is true some aspects of pflow are multi-threaded, most are not, particularly map evaluations.

Sure the physx sim itself is multi-threaded but the data going into it from pflow is no more multi-threaded now than when Box#1 was integrated.


My first out of two AU Masterclasses is out!
Introduction to mParticles (former Particle Flow Toolbox#2 by Orbaz Technologies)


And it’s outstanding :bowdown: ! Excellent, Congrats, & Thank you :thumbsup:


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And the second AU MasterClass is online. 2,5h of ADM (Advanced Data Manipulation / former Box#3):



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Hi, is it possible to use a custom gravity shape? Other that Planar and Spherical?


Under spacewarps – particles and dynamics. There is a little known object called Vector Field. You can create a custom vector field around any geometry normals. Then you can use the field as force in pflow. Give it a try.

Also check out max help. It will give you a the rundown.



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one more Particle Flow&Krakatoa project give away:

And final video:


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