Particle Flow Discussion


Great stuff DeKo-LT
I was especially impressed with the tip 3, on how to merge Pflow into another scene (that always gives me headache).

Thanks a lot!


Best collection of tips for PFlow YET! You are awesome :slight_smile:

Tip3 is indeed a well kept secret!


Much appreciated! :slight_smile:
A couple of years ago I tried to make a script to easily merge different pflow setups, but as I remember there was a problem to enumerate dependencies. If anyone can pick this idea, I will gladly become attentive beta tester :twisted:


Hi folks. Its long I’ve posted anything here. Well…merry christmas everyone. Enjoy this festival.

Well the other day I was actually trying something out in pflow script operator. I was actually looking at how to access the particle color in script operator. Didn’t find it though. So any solution for this ?

Cheers!!! :buttrock:


Happy holidays to you as well!

i just put out a new tutorial :slight_smile:

“Tron Legacy” style disintegration.


Well thats really awesome. Just tweeted about it mate.


Awesome, thanks! I guess twitter and FB is where it’s at, where people ask questions and seek answers. Bu i like this little thread of ours :slight_smile:


I do too. Thats why asked the question here. Hope someone have the answer…


Hmm, not aware of anyway to grab color via pflow script op. Maybe there is by grabbing a point, never tried though.

You can however get color data via Box#3. :slight_smile:

Cool tut :wink:


I know about how to get color data via Box#3… The thing is its not for me. Its for someobe who just have vanila flow…no boxes.


Happy New Year, everybody :slight_smile:


Ah well, new year new reel (after 2 years it as kinda time :smiley: ):

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Excellent :beer: !

And a belated Happy New Year to you :slight_smile:


btw have you joined the Orbaz VIMEO group yet?


Hi, Anselm!
I tried to run your lesson " Animated Collision" where we made loop of two Data Tests
and faced with the fact that system starts to slow down badly around Frame40 when the particles reachs the plane deflector, meanwhile in your videotutor all worked fine.
What could be the reason?


What’s your max version and box3 version? With 200 particles this should play fine.


Max 2011, PFTBox3ProMax2011x64
P.S. All the other scenes are working properly


interesting! I skipped 2011 all together so i can’t even test that here. As a quikc work around can you use the Krakatoa collision if yo have Krakatoa?


Yes, I have Krakatoa, moreover, the same effect can be done with Box#2-PhysX particles, I just wanted to know how to do it " right way "


Any one know how to set a minimum distance particles can spawn from each other, getting a problem where they keep spawning right next to each other and when each particle has a shape instance it looks horrible.
I know it can be done with a data operator but for some reason the data operator isn’t showing up in my list with the 2013 extension