Particle Flow Discussion


Personally i’m not see to much usage of this.
It’s good maybe to delete a realflow isolate particles and general cache cleaning.
Also i look all three videos and very proud max “quick viewport repsonse” :slight_smile:


Oh i think this might be really nice! I’ll try it out when I come back from the vacationy goodness :slight_smile:

Sounds really good!! Seems to like really promising :slight_smile:


hey guys , i work in short loopable videos in range of 6 sec till at max 15
tried alot with different particle systems to solve a common problem :

i want to loop something like clouds , rain , snow in 3d and NOT WITH BLENDING FRAMES WITH OPCITY , i hate this cheap technique

i think i can do it if i can force the particles to be emitted in the same postions but with time offset , what i mean i’ll have in my video two similar frames …
any help ?


if you wanted this could you move your particles from one position to the same position offset say 100 units. Then track your camera along that same 100 units and do something to the particles inbetween?


i got what u were talking about but this was too away from what i meant … look if you want to loop a small cloud that can deform and reform with the same frames in the first and the beginning …
what i mean that i want to time-offest the particle itsself not the whole container
and to move it and repeat all particles again

all what i need to force the particle system to emitt the same particles in the same postions but after a specific time …
after that u got an excellent loop :frowning:


I assume you are talking about “blending” in post, forget that and do it at the proper level…blend the actual particles :wink:

Cache out your system with Krakatoa (the free evaluation version will suit your purposes just fine)load up two Krakatoa PRT Loaders and blend your particles with a time offset PRT loader.


i think u mean something like this ?

it’s the best solution i found till now …
but i want to improve more … i want to make a really loopable particles simulation not faking it :smiley:

i said to myself , in the end this particles system can be forced to emit the same at the time i want . i think in my opinion it depends on programming , but i dont know how to do it :frowning:


You can do it with krakatoa - cache the seed particles, then manipulate time with the prt loader, then put it back into pflow.


anyone else having mapping display issues in max2013? when i have nitrous turned on gradient mapped or age mapped particles don’t display the gradient correctly.

when i revert to direct3D it display as okay as ever in all former max versions. any experience how to make nitrous usable for particle work?

thanks in advance,


Well that is actually manipulating the voxels in Houdini, not a very straight forward, if at all process with FumeFX, maybe you could, somehow.

You cheat in max and make it look just as good. :shrug: You do as suggested using Fume, Krakatoa, and a particle system like TP or PFlow. Just think post processing your particles in max before you actually shade and render them.

at least Nitrous actually respects particle lighting now. In 2012 Nitrous all particles were flat shaded.


but a LOT seams to be broken…not production ready :frowning:


Report that shit, that is why you are on beta :curious::stuck_out_tongue:


the stuff didn’t come out on beta :smiley: when did we get box3 for 2013 :smiley:


Yeah but if it is doing it when you are in nitrous it is a nitrous bug, regardless if it is plugin or extension that is causing it. So report it :wink: If you don’t I will :stuck_out_tongue:


Ansi - beer tonight?!?!


There is a also a bug with 2012 with nitrous and PFLOW where it wont show the material applied in the viewport when using shape instance. The display color overrides it what ever you do.


IMO forget about using pflow+nitrous in max2012 it has soo many issues it is pretty much a waste of time (as of 2012 PU10 your issue still broken). In most cases if you have to use pflow in 2012 use directX.

Not all, but much of that, has been fixed in 2013. I did just check your issue just to be sure and it does work as expected in 2013.


still mighty borked in 2013…

@Allan: sh*t! didn’t see your post!


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Some pflow tips on my blog: