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nice work :slight_smile:


Check out the launch trailer

This is the vfx training website of Incendii LLC ( and Anselm von Seherr – Thoss. Here you can find a variety of vfx tutorials and the collection is constantly growing and will expand into various fields of expertise.

Available tutorials so far:
Box#2/3 – Velocity Sculpting
Krakatoa/Deadline/Box#2 – Sand Men
Box#3/Krakatoa – Sand Erosion
Box#2/3 – Peel
Box#2 – Feather Rig
Box#2/RayFire – The Drill
Box#2/3 – Car Crash
Box#2/3 – Find Target
Box#2 – Breaking Structure



Congratulations Ansi :thumbsup:


What a great resource and completely reasonable prices per tutorial. Love the car builds, I always thought I would have to get thinking particles out for stuff like that.



I am trying for days to do this simple task. I am a beginner but this is so simple that it’s driving me crazy.

So please, how should I do this?

I need one particle (displayed as box) with no speed and anything, just standing there and rotating for 360 then stop. Is this possible?

I have tried with “rotation” +auto key but it’s not rotating, and with “spin” it’s rotating but I cannon stop it at 360 degrees I could only guess.

Thanks very much!


use spin…
spin rate is a “per second” value , e.g. spin rate = 360 intended a full rotation in one second (30 fps by default).
if you apply an age test (30 frames) that sends to another event with a spin operator with zero rate, then your particle stops.


savat thank you so much, that’s what I wanted and you even made a max file, I really appreciate that.

Thanks a LOT :slight_smile:


just one more thing :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make it easy in and out?

Thanks again!


As some of you might have noticed already the PFlow Toolbox2 will now be added to Max for Subscription members:

So Box2 is free now for annual members :slight_smile: Thats the good news, the BAAAD news is that Box3 will be only available to Suite owners (i don’t know ANYBODY that is!) in the future.

If you just got Box2 through the subscription update check out my training material for Box2 here and here lots of free stuff here



Does that mean that Box #2 will be part of the regular 3ds Max 14 Release?


It is highly likely! In the past the extensions for subscription members rolled into the next release (CAT, etc.)


I was really excited about this, but it seems currently you can only get it if you are a subscription member + have one of those suites. I dont think buying a suite is going to happen at my place.


Same here, nobody is gonna buy a suite for just box3!

BUT what a subscription extension usually means is that it will roll into the regular max in the next release! Happened in the past with CAT, etc. So be faithful. In max2014 you will have box2 on board from the get go i think :slight_smile: Also Oleg is providing installers for legacy customers for now for 2013. It’s not dead just yet! Maybe JohnnyRandom can fill in some gaps here but i think that’s the basic plot of it.



That really is glass half full.

The bare facts are

Box #2 is over 3 years old, and will be getting on for 4 by the time 2014 hits. That’s a long time in tech, and look how far TP has come in the same period.

Considering that Box 3 was released in 2005/06, that will be getting on for 7/8 years by 2014 I can’t imagine much new being turned around in time for 2014.

That’s leaving aside Autodesk moving the goalposts of what subscribers might get, and consequently might be in a base Max in 2014.

I’ve skipped releases before, and it’s time to do it again, or just call it a day and look elsewhere.


@Steve Green

The latest build of Box 3 1.53 and Box#2 Pro 1.07 came out May 22, 2011 . If you are talking about initial releases than TP is 11 yrs old!!! 4X the age of box2 and almost twice the age of box3.

Anyway Oleg sold these products so he could further develop them. As you know plugin developers do not make much money. Not only will Oleg and AD benefit but so will we.



And how much has it really developed since it’s release compared to TP - that’s what I was getting at?

Even Oleg seems fairly down on it.

At the moment it’s only going to benefit those on a Creative Suite package.


That is the gist of it. No new news, yet.

It is much better than the original deal. Although I will stand by what I have said elsewhere, this really felt much like a psych evaluation, testing how far they can push users before they blow. We still have no idea what is happening with the other half of the tool-set. In my opinion the most important half, specifically for the markets that AD seems to want to target, judging by the AE bridging enhancements that would be mograph.

This totally came off like the perfect storm:
[li]announce agreement with Orbaz, users - yay finally![/li][li]announce increase in subscription rates, users - hmmm…[/li][li]announce extension, two cache ops! users - really WTF?![/li][li]announce “new” extensions, users - yay! but what about…[/li][li]announce Box#3 suites only, users - huh?![/li][li]announce we’re (AD) not sure whats happening yet, users - huh?! Hope ?![/li][li]users confabulated, mystified, miffed, confused, bluttered in a state of ism.[/li][/ul]Call it like you see it.


Even Oleg seems fairly down on it.

Please don’t pull it out of the context. The question was (at the Orbaz forum) whether there will be a new demo reel for Box#2/Box#3. The answer was “unlikely”. And the question was before the SIGGRAPH '12 and the collaboration announcement, so I was not at liberty to give any details.

Now, after all the announcements, I can decrypt the “unlikely”. It means that Orbaz is unlikely to create new demo reels for Box#2/Box#3 because now the demo reels are job for Autodesk, and not Orbaz. Orbaz will do what it does the best - develop new features for Box#2 / Box#3.

Oleg B.


somehow… this statement just gave me a jolt of life energy… it was as if I just heard a voice echoing from above… where the dark cloudy particle skies just opened up… and I see a bright ray of light.


First off, I can’t wait to see what you are coming up with Oleg :smiley:

And a quick comment on the TP remarks… And please dont take this as a “This tool is better than that” post. My goal is to hopefully provide an honest, professional opinion to counter what I feel is a mass of mis-information regarding these tools. I have definitely leaned towards PFlow in my career, but only because of the Orbaz plugins…mostly Box3…I find it indispensable. But I am not opposed to using any tool to get the job done quickly and efficiently. That being said, I was quite excited at the announcement for TP5. In fact it had two new features that fit exactly into some needs we had on two separate projects at work and we upgraded to it as soon as it was available. After a week of trying to make the new features work (realize that our facility has long used TP)…we had to give up on it for our projects. The features worked as shown in the feature demonstration videos, but completely lacked the flexibility to achieve the results we needed in production. TP is a very good tool that does some things really, really well, it is NOT however, the glorious, god given, be all end all particle tool that cebas would have us believe. It is widely used and a good product, but it pales considerable compared to the particle tools found in ICE and Houdini. Both of which are current staples in most higher end vfx work. The Box2/Box3 combo is a lot closer to these and I am quite anxious to see where it goes from here. I hate the thought of having to buy an ECS package to get it, but if it is worth it, it will be done.