Particle Flow Discussion


Nice, looks good :slight_smile:


The city looks awesome


Dodge it, dodge it,…oh well!

Hurricane Cabin (Render)

Hurricane Cabin

Kaboom Cabin

Tornado Cabin

Loosing Weight in 2 seconds…


Skeletons are cool :slight_smile:


Funk from beyond the grave \m/


Anyone know what happened to Zhang Yang. I really wanted to have a look at his pflow fluid script, but his website is no more.


nice shots :beer:



Yeah tried web archive already, it hasn’t stored all the files.



long time no post…

@gjeoffreys: rumor has it the Oleg is working on something like that. Also that the toolboxes might be subscription at some point in time…oh rumor mills. they never stop grinding…


Nicely done!


Hey all

Long time lurker and unfortunately had a 2 year stint of Maya for work which took me out the PF world for a while.

Anyway I’m back and trying to get back up to scratch ( for me at least ).

When I left PF I was looking into some procedural water effects. Basically rain on a car type stuff. It wasnt much more than the alan mckay tutorial but I was getting some good results but was stuck on finding an alternative to blob mesh as it was waay too slow for a full car. I tried glu3d which was great but at the time it didn’t read particle scale so was kind of a write off from the start.

Anyway I have been looking at frost which from the looks of it should be awesome for this but I just wanted to see what everyone else thought on a good route too create this kind of effect.


Hey Will good to see you back :slight_smile:

Having used all three and realFlows renderkit and standard mesher, hands down Frost is the most versatile, stable, fastest (hell so quick in comparison it is actually fun to use)IMO best quality mesh and lol most memory consuming of the bunch but hey memory is cheap these days. It, although not at all necessary, XMesh is a solid meta mesh (and more) combo.

Oh and even Krakatoa in evaluation mode (ie the PRT workflows) is a super frost companion at no extra expense.

Grab a demo, they will grant you a 15 or 30 (cant remember which exactly) day demo license to give it a full whirl.


Hey Johnny

Cheers for the info, checked out your “red splash” image using frost, looks great! Been looking at some demos and videos and think I am sold! Will post any results when I get it going.


Thanks :slight_smile:

There is some good eye candy here too:

BTW its not just for meshing particles either it works with shape instances too :wink:


gone :frowning: any new links???




Looking really good!


wow amazing work done! :applause:


Nice work Anselm but don’t you think it a bit funny a German working on Coors Light? :smiley: