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hey guys, I know this is not really particle flow related but I ve just released KabooM MassFXand I know you love exploding things :). This is a script tool to animate dynamic explosion in max2012. Its free and very easy to use.


Hey guys… just a question regarding real people disintegration effects… I have done the effect using a model before so I’m ok with the effect it self. My question is that if it’s a real person do people model the person ( and animate if moving) as best as possible or is there another workflow around :slight_smile:

Just so u know I will have to stitch a new veraion of the background for a clean plate as the plate has the person being disintegrated in same shot.



Hi all,

I am using sim cloth in 3ds max and Pflow, I was wondering if there is a way of making particles (rocks) interact with the cloth sim? I can get the particles to bounce of the Cloth but not the particles do not influence the cloth.

Help would be much appreciated.



you could try with a mesher.
but i m not sure about the result


Thanks :slight_smile: I will check that out.


Great collection of Max Scripts for vfx artists. Thanks to for gathering and sharing!


Minor OT but definitely a must read for all vfx folks out there:
Art of Destruction (or Art of Blowing Crap Up)


Wow, great read, lol all of it :slight_smile:


Excellent article, Thank you :slight_smile: !

Curious to hear any thoughts in regard to this from the article;
(not meaning to argue, disagree, or show any lack of respect to Mike Seymour, or the article. Just honest feedback / opinion ).

Houdini, by Side Effects Software, is currently the ‘go to’ software for RBS. Its growth in this market segment is widespread and well earned. The software provides control, flexibility, and speed and as such is now being adopted as part of the workflows of top companies from procedural trash in Pixar’s Toy Story 3 to Dneg’s new Bang tool. In fact, Dneg now uses Houdini half the time for their effects pipeline. “We use 50:50 between Maya and Houdini for effects work,” says Nicola Hoyle. “We run Dynamite in Maya and our cloth sims. We tend to run any heavy rigid body stuff through Houdini, all the fluids, dust and fire are also all done in Maya as well.”


Interesting read!
Sorry for going more OT, but the tetrahedralization was new to me. So I downloaded and compiled TetGen and wrote a little script that “tetrahedralizes” any closed mesh from max. This is how far I got tonight:


That’s pretty cool! Will you share it once you are finished?



Maybe BrandonD will chime in for you :slight_smile:

That tetraChopper looks cool :slight_smile:

Just run the .ms from max. tetgen.exe and the maxscript file need to reside in the same folder.
I have not properly bug tested it yet :slight_smile:


Happy Holidays, ya’ll! Keep it alive and caching in 2012 :slight_smile:


cool pic :slight_smile: Happy Holidays Anselm and everybody, have a spectacular 2012! In a good way :smiley:


Bahaa Happy belated Holidays! great image Ansi :slight_smile:



Short question: is it somehow possible, to get above the upper limit of particles/Source?



I never tried it, but you could duplicate your PFS and change all the seed values.


yes, tried this, and it’s working, but I want to get over the limit for one source, just curious. :slight_smile:



Some of the latest…Qualcomm CES Keynote MAKING OF with lots of box3 and krakatoa :slight_smile: