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Thanks. I will post something cool very soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Hi guys

I just finished this little fx shot. Pflow used for debris and fumefx emitter. More info in the youtube description. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:



your garden is strange like the marek denko garden…have a more green thumb guys :slight_smile:


I’m looking to do an animation with pflow and box 2. I have boxes that create different shapes. So they start life just lying around, then tumble together to form a pre defined shape collapse and form another shape, but not using find target and lock bond, as the shapes are already defined in a regular grid pattern, I use birth group to create them. The effect i’m looking for is very similar to the wall in JohnnyRandoms
but with one exception. All makes sense, but I need the blocks to maintain their physics collisions while rebuilding the new shape. Whenever I try to do this they knock the other blocks out of place. Is there a way to lock/bond the particle positions on the final build so they try to maintain their positions? Also how do I create a birth group and script for each “object” in my sequence, how do i tell the build which script it which, I’m not very familiar to scripting, how do I create different sets of the stored pCont data? ie The blocks first create the shape of a motor bike then the break up and form a car.

Thanks very much


If anyone is interested he has been helped by John over here:

in other news: join the orbaz/pflow group on vimeo as your local hang out on the vimeo platform i’ll post more stuff soon as they clear nda realm.



Lil something i have been working on the last 2 months:

and 2 making ofs:

Lot’s of Box#3, FumeFX and Krakatoa. And would not have been possible without Deadline to cache 20+ partitions at once instead of sequencial :slight_smile:

Hope you dig it,


Great work :slight_smile:

Hey so when you partitioned with deadline did it let you set the affinity for each max process? I assume that it was using multiple max instances at the same time (since pflow is single threaded) on the same machine, is that correct?

EDIT: never mind found the answer. Which would be… yes it does :wink:


Originally Posted by [b]PsychoSilence

[/b] Lil something i have been working…

 Great work done Anselm.....Congratulation Man...:beer:


Betterwind 2012!


New 1 hour free ride :slight_smile: Just getting back into recording mode for new DVD…

Particle Flow Toolbox#2: Feather Rig Tutorial (a taste of things to come)


Can we rename that thread “Anselm demo reels updates” ;D
few people here those last months


hah! Just trying to revive the thread a bit :frowning: There hasn’t been a major update to pflow(boxes) in a while, died down the conversation a bit…i can dial it back of course :wink:



no offense man! Thank you to keep it alive. This threads was very active before the #box release. I think those plugins are so complex, less people seems concern about.


I really appreciate too what you do but the boxes products seems to be dying: not news,not great policy about informations, not hopes to a periodic better release…


None taken at all! :slight_smile:
I agree, there just hasn’t been a major update lately to be crazy about. Some other users moved on to other packages as well.


i am patiently waiting for the box 2 and 3 updates also pflow 2.0

i know Oleg is working hard…

edit: I am sure Autodesk is talking with him about bringing us a faster pflow after all those wishlist wishes for ICE in max :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure about Autodesk priorities… They spend their time bringing RSS popup messages in 3ds Max viewport (???). I just give up with them


how to extract blood from a stone:

click here.

it’s impossible…


Another 47min. freebie as teaser for the new tutorial project i’m on. Will not be out this year but early next year :slight_smile:

Particle Flow Toolbox#2/3: Velocity Sculpting/RayFire Fragmenter/PhysXplosion Prevention

This is the second of a new series of video tutorial coming your way :slight_smile: It’s again a freebie! It’s almost an hour long tutorial about using geometry to sculpt your explosion and velocities using the PFlow Toolbox#2 and #3 in canon. Along with that you learn how to use the new RayFire Fragmenter modifier and how to prevent “physx explosion” caused by overlapping collision shapes.

hope you like it,


Schweet! Great to see these things in the box3 way, very interesting.