Particle Flow Discussion


I just though that after the great success of the Mental Ray thread, that I would start a thread to discuss and figure out some of the new features in Max 6’s particle flow. I would also like to include some blob mesh objects into the p-flow.

Some things that I will work on:

  • Real looking water flow.
  • Real looking smoke (small and large amounts)
  • Flames
  • Shrapnel and other explosions
  • Mixing reactor and particle flow

I hope that some of you have questions and also bring some stuff to the table. I will try to keep a file with presets of all the p-flow stuff that I create.

This site has a good beta of their water flow system for free download. Check it out.

3d Glue

Please offer any other information that you may have for particle flow or blob meshes.

Lets get started.


just want everyone to know that i am here too and hopefully will stay current in testing all the new things that people do as well as doing some of my own. hope to get started this weekend.


I would like to see some advanced tutorials on how to create realistic fire / smoke effects. Similar in quality to the examples on page 4 of this document:

Maybe this is not possible without plugin’s and/or programming though?

At any rate, hopefully this thread will flourish with info.:thumbsup:


wow those guys over at ILM are off the chain:drool:


Just wanted to mention some of Allan Mckays video tutorials about pflow, since I found his results very impressing (for example the cigarette smoke setup).

Here is the link:

EDIT: And here is a link to the initial thread here on CG talk:

i think there’s too much mathematics in that


I would like to know that what technique should be used to get a smooth detailed render between particles, like in the allanmckay examples?


:drool: OMG!:drool: Thank you for the links. I will get on to trying to reproduce what he did as soon as possible.

But first let me go buy a new computer :cry:

I can see how this new particle flow could be used for many different setups. I hope that we end up with a very substantial library of particle events! Tack on some reactor and some cool textures and we are set.

Good luck to all.



Yes, this stuff has got a easy learning curve. I did one of the tuts that Allan had on his web site. And I must say that Allan has me hooked on Particle flow now.:bowdown:

There is one question. Allan’s dots are smaller than mine and his preview is more distinguishable because of it. How do I change the dot size?

More to come, but here is the test video.



:drool: :drool: :drool:

Hey rans, i know you have been watching those allanmckay tutorials havent you? those things are freaking sweet. every free chance i get im trying to watch at least one. i gotta get a better computer… NOW:cry:


If I recall correctly, to get the small dot’s like on Allan McKay’s you have to set 3ds up to use the software render mode. Not openGL or DirectX.


its friday guys:applause: :bounce: :beer: :buttrock:
so tonight when i get off work i will start messing around with the pflow. that, from what i have read lightly touched, seems to have an easy learning curve and easy interface. i will have to wait until i get the inernet at home and can read all the posts at a very slow rate befor i can start to understand and mess with the MR Materials. hope topost some sweet work soon…


hey Rans,
is you read this…

check your mail


just got back from lunch and while i was gone i downloaded the creating cigarette smoke tut. from allans site. :drool: :drool: :drool:

that was sweet.
Hey rans, you seeing that yet. are you thinking what im thinking my friend?



Hey just to tell everyone I have some video tutorials on PFlow over at 3dluvr. I must say the PFlow is very easy to learn and also very powerful. This is the kinda stuff that I love. Folical9, I plan to do some video tutorials on Afterburn on how to create those effects you were saying. My friend and I are huge members over at 3DBuzz and were starting a new 3D community. I’m making some intermediate to advanced tuts on how to do smoke, explosions, fire, dust, and clouds.:slight_smile:


thanx for the links… your link to your site is broken.


Oh yeah, thats an old site that a friend made for me. I’m in production of Inferno-3D right now. :slight_smile:


Treed, thanks for the info. I will be looking forward to the new site. I was hoping to make the effects without additional plugins like afterburn though.


In maya there is Areteis Pyro for those effects,

for max i think we need to wait for chaos AURA…

In afterburn is very difficult too…

We can do the simulation with pflow, but what about the Photorealistic render?



“We can do the simulation with pflow, but what about the Photorealistic render?”

What do you mean by “Photorealistic render”?

I think mental ray is realistic enough.