I design this tiny window,

Right now it’s not working ,so help me to build cmpltly .
What i want to do is
1)Select some particle
2)put some value in X,Y & Z for Translate,After click execute it will add given value to current value of particle position.
3)And for Instance stuff =>assume[3] are having value 2 for objectIndex but i want value 5 for this particle ,so when i put value 5 in ObjectIndex & execute.Instance object will update.


To change the position of a specific particle in your particle system use this syntax (or the corresponding mel ).

# This changes the position of particleShape1[5] to 0,0,0
import maya.cmds as mc
mc.particle('particleShape1', edit=True, order=5, attribute='position', vectorValue=[0, 0, 0])

The order flag is being used to specify the 5th indice in the system.
Similar syntax can be used to change the object index. Use the component editor, select particle, and change an attribute. Make the change and check the script editor for the mel syntax.

Good Luck.


ahh Thanx for reply …Tell me how can i use this for selected particle.
string $mySel[]=ls -sl;
// Result:[2:4][8][11][14] //
now i want to move this above selected particle.Problem is for capturing Id of selected particle.


use flatten in the ls command should do the trick no?

string $sel[]=`ls -fl -sl`;



-fl seems very useful ,i think now i can capture particle id easily using tokenize & then for loop.Thank you for help


Cool, a good way to get the particles from what is selected is using filterExpand.

particles = mc.filterExpand(fullPath=True, selectionMask=47)

It seems I may have mislead you with the order flag though, you will want to use the id flag instead.

good luck.


string $MySel[]=`ls -fl -sl`;

int $NumSel = size($MySel);

print $NumSel;

int $i;


string $buffer[];

tokenize $MySel[$i] "[] " $buffer;

int $SelectedID=$buffer[$i];

particle -e -id $SelectedID -at position -vv 5 2 5 particleShape1;

print $SelectedID;


Don’t know why $SelectedID is not updating after loop cmplt.Tel me whts wrong i m doing.seems i doing something wrong in for loop body.

And pyrokinesis thanx much for reply


Friends i found nice way to get list of IDs of selected particle
getParticleAttr -at id -array true ls -sl;

but tell me how can i store in variable??i tried this but it’s giving me an error
int $MySel[]=getParticleAttr -at id -array truels -sl``;


string $sel[]=ls -sl;
float $part[]=getParticleAttr -at "id" -array true $sel[0];

Two mistakes: need to use float array -sl returns array , and you must use first element in array


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