Particle collision


Hey guys i am using max9 with v-ray i am working on a dispersion effect but i am trying to find an easier way aroung how the particles disperce. I was wondering if it was possible for the particles only to disperce when they are being collided with a deflecter? instead of animating an opacity map to the particles. that way you get a more acurate effect?


What do you mean by disperse? Normally I would think you’re talking about movement but you make it sound like a material issue.


yea i want the object to turn into particles a disapear


…using collision test you can have the particles then be affected by force ops or you can add a speed op in the following event.


alittle advanced for me SoLiTuDe:shrug: any tutorial about that?


*Add a Collision test to your main event.
*Add a Deflector to define when your particles will start changing
*Create a new event which has either a force or a material animation synched to particle age or whatever method you want to use to disperse your particles. I would use a force to blow them away
*Animate the Deflector over time to affect the particles when you want - when a particle collides with the deflector, it will be sent to the second event where it will be affected by its operators and disappear or move or whatever.

See this post for an example:

and this is the quicktime:

I used a standard planar deflector and a turbulent wind force to create the effect.


yea thats what i am doing but u see how your objects is not solid its particles.(must have a high particles count) i am trying to keep my object visible not using particles and then as the object disapears the particles apear


ooooohhh! I get it… ok… ummm… the easiest way IS using an animated opacity map for the birth. I’m sure you could make the particle appear on collision, but then the object would still be there. You’re going to be animating the map anyway to make the object disappear, so it’s kind of pointless to not use the map

PS: Bobo… any more cool news on krakatoa? :slight_smile:


What do you want to know?
Let’s keep this on topic and talk about it in the Krakatoa thread…


yea thats what i have but i was just wondering if there was an easier way to have the particles appear, because know i am kind of having trouble syncing the particles appearing with the object dissapearing but ill get it. thanks for all the help guys i appreciate it!


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