particle collision scale


I am having a sort of odd problem. I am not sure if it can be easily fixed. I have a sphere that is scaled down to about .074.(an eyeball) It needs to be this size to keep in scale with the production pipeline. I have particles being created inside this sphere and they need to stay inside this sphere. Yet because of the scale when the particles collide within the inside of the sphere they sort of pop back in, or do not collide at all. This problem does not occur if i scale everything up though, yet this really isn’t an option. I have trace depth high, tesselation high, tried with all sorts of reslience, and friction combonations. Looked through options everywhere. I have tried everything for days. I have had my instructors who worked at ILM look at it for a moment and they could not figure it out. It is as if when particles collide they are moved away to a “safe” position away from the object. Yet you cant really notice it in normal dynamics but since my scale is so tiny you definatly notice this, and particles easliy pass through the sphere as well. Is there any way to scale down this collision in proportion to my scale. Among this sphere there is several other feilds and objects that will eventually be in this setup. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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