Particle age mapper


I found a very old article about making particles. It says that there is an utility that allows me to take a color from a ramp depending on current particle’s age. It is called particle age mapper and located in utilities -> particle utilities -> particle age mapper. But it is not there. Where did it go and what’s the replacement?
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Its name is “array mapper” and it has always been there for while. Actually, on your particleShape, when you create a Ramp for the rgbPP for instance, it will automatically create a color ramp, using the ageNormalized as default normalized value (0-1) along the V Ramp, and that array Mapper to remap the previous value into a color.


Thank you for your reply.

Ok, I see. The help says that arrayMapper.outColorPP it is an array of vectors. How can I know which array element determines values for my current particle? And how can I use this (or something else) to set a particleCloud shader’s color?



As mentioned when you create a new ramp it is based on particle age so normally your particles will have a lifespan which is then normalised by the arraymapper and mapped along the V side of the ramp. If your particles dont have a lifespan, ie they live forever then perhaps you can map it based on ID or world position for example.

To shade cloudy particles you need to use the particleSampler node and use the connection editor to connect rgbPP to color on the volume shader.


Ok, thank you.


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