PARIS WORLD'S FAIR 1900 - 3d Reconstruction Project


What is done

The two ranges of 23 Pavilions along the River Seine :

The topic is as the title says, about a 3d reconstruction project, of the Paris World’s Fair in 1900.

It’s a time I like a lot… and this year is a real cross of centuries, and for many reasons… architectures, technologies, arts, etc… it was one of the most fabulous exhibition…

Lot of originality and much different things to discover… that start with nation’s pavilions along the Seine river… a reconstitution of a Medieval Paris… a swiss village… and many many other incredible things…

In first, I’ve planed to realize only few pavilions for still images… but with the time… I thought why not to do more, maybe all or a large parts of them… and maybe a movie…

…but the movie, it’s an another story… much work to do before.

And that already start with a big documentation’s searching work…
I’m working on that since much time… as you can see on the dedicated website I’ve done, where you can find all days new updates.

In first, this website permit me to store and collect properly all these documentations… and of course, in the future to store all my 3d works (and why not 2d works) about this project.

I hoping to really start with a first pavillion at the end of january… It’s finally done, I start today…


In first, for this project and the website, I’ve needed a picture for the first page… something as the good reflect of this Paris World’s Fair…

I have a reference, a picture of the french issue of this time, L’ILLUSTRATION, representing the statue at the top of the monumental gate of the exhibition… this statue of woman symbolize the town of paris, realized by M. Moreau-Vauthier, in the style of 1900.
She’s named “la parisienne”…
and behind her, the monumental entrance of this Paris World’s Fair in 1900


on your way lemog… another piece im sure will be spectacular as always… will be keeping track


Before really start the story… well… the WIP :wip:

The map of the Paris World’s Fair 1900… that can help you to understand the incredible size of this project… as said some of my friends here… a project as me, very very NUT NUT NUT :scream:

I just hope to could to a large part, and keep along this future long time of work, all my motivation.

While clicking on the map, you can visualisize the map in big size : 2400x3300


As it needed to start by something, I think to start by the most popular part of this Paris World’s Fair 1900…

And certainly the part with much animation… I want to talk about the PAVILIONS OF THE FOREIGNS NATIONS…
…all along the Seine River, in the heart of Paris.

It’s “la rue des nations”

I will start be the 15 pavilions between the Invalid’s Gate and the Alma’s Gate… behind these ones, there’s 8 pavillons more… but that it’s an another story. Each thing in each time.

Now, the map of this Nation’s Street… with the 15 + 8 pavilions of foreigns nations, of the left side of the Seine River (rive gauche) :


Now… 15 pavilions is good to know… but by which one to begin… choice not easy…

I have a lot of documentations, but it miss me much details or photos, and for anyone I have the matter to do it all…

…then, my choice go for the one that I have more documentations, but also one not to mcuh complicated, but not to much simple, because I must validate all the ability of this project.

I choose finally the Hungarian Pavilion… made for the Paris World’s Fair 1900 as a synthesis of many architectural period in Hungary… with many styles, of 8 centuries…

I hope you can find some interest to follow this WIP… thanks to you all to have take the time to read all that :thumbsup:

To give you an idea about this Hungarian Pavilion, a little picture (freely interpreted by the artist) :


Much to read, but here it’s a WIP…

…and the first step of modeling is already started :

Ground floor of the tower inspire by the one of Kormocz, high of 40 meters.

Other side…
The characters are here to give an idea about the global scale of the building.


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and the morning update, the second floor of the tower…

The modeling can appear very simple, but I must take care to the polys number, I must always thinking to the final number of buildings in the scene…


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