PARIGOT french graduation film study


we just finished our graduation film study at the french animation School Georges Méliès. we were 5 students on this project (mehdi alavi, loïc bramoullé, axel digoix, geoffrey lerus, alexandre wolfromm). It took us 8 months. hope you’ll enjoy it



eyy, great short!
loved the animation and the sets are gorgeous! really liked, good joob, you all finished with an excellent project to show :wink:


That was great, really well executed. The lighting and environments were amazing.


Great style! I love the animation.

Cheers mate!


I realy enjoy your short movie, really cool animation, render, texture and story. Congrats.



Impressive short animation. Well done :applause:
I’m also graduating this year but I’m working on a teaser alone, I wish if it’s a group or at least collaborating with someone else.

All the best mate :deal:


Amazing work! Great animation, music, story telling. I really liked it :applause:


nice work. I like it.:cool:


Amazing short :applause: To be honest I was expecting the really end and laughed a lot
when indeed it was what I was thinking :applause:

Great work, great animation, it could have used some more sound fx in some parts
(like when they are running down the road coming toward the tramway) but really
I loved every single bit of it.

Congratulations :bowdown:


Thank you very much guys. We’re really happy you like it.

MistaT: you’re right, besides this remark has been made to our board of graduation. :wink:


tha ambientation is awesome!!! great!, great city, lighting and animation! congratulations


It is really incredible! Wonderful job! :eek: It surely deserve the front page!
And you did this short alone, for your graduation?:surprised

How many awesome shorts come out every year from French schools??!!!


we didn’t been completely alone. We had teachers some days in the year, mainly for FX, but we mostly did a lot of tutorials.


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