Parenting layer to a pre-comp?


hello motion graphics people, need your help in an AE problem i have. Trying to organise my compositions, i end up using pre-comps a lot. I just came up with this problem though.
For a start, I have a layer thats animated and since I wanna use it multiple times and distort it as i wish, i turn it into a pre-comp. That worked fine as it is. I used the pre-comp as many times needed and changed its size and proportions customly. After that, i wanted another layer to follow this first layer’s (now pre-comp) movement… How can do that? Parenting doesnt work between the layer and the precomp (since the pre-comp doesnt have any keyframes) nor does an expression. The normal way i suppose would be to put my new layer inside the pre-comp and parent it to the original layer that holds the keyframes, but my project is too big and I need to use that multiple times. Is there another way i can link those two? This link is gonna be used many times and i’m trying to find the “cleanest” way to handle this…

If anyone has an idea of how this could be done, i’d appreciate it a lot!



Mmmmm… I think this script does what you want. Make a preset like it suggests at the botoom.


Ooops… I didn’t explain myself very well. For animation like position, scale, rotation etc use the effect>Distort>Tranform, then run the script, methinks.


hello and thanx for replying. this link looks really handy but im affraid it doesnt work on my case, except I find an effect that controls orientation too. Im using a 3D layer so i move and rotate it in 3D space, thats why transform (from Effect>Distort menu) doent help. Do u know any effect that would do all the transformations in 3D space? that , adding ur script too, would probably solve the problem…


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