Parent constraint problem - help


I am using the parent constraint to move object_A from the floor to the back of a shelf. Object_A gets picked up by object_B and then is set on a shelf and then moved to the back of the shelf by object_C. I have set up the parent constraint by selecting the floor, object_B, object_C and then object_A and then selecting the parent constraint rollout.

When I animate the weights of object_A from the floor to object_B so that the constraint lets go of the floor and constrains to object_B for moving up to the shelf, object_A translates on axis X.

Can you see anything I am doing wrong? I am doing this exactly as the help file says to do it as far as I can tell. I am using Maya 6.




If Object B (or it’s pivot) is ‘x’ units away from Object A at the time you animate the weight for the parenting, then Object A will move toward B and so translate on the x axis… is this what is happening?


Alright! Just figured it out. It works much better if you don’t set up all the parents at once. Set up the parents one at a time as you need them. When you set up the first parent constraint using the options box, make sure the weight is 1. Then when you set up other parent constraints set the weight to 0 in the options box. Then make sure to set keys on the channels to change the weights before and after the exchange. In other words, if the hand-off is on frame 30, then set a key at frame 29 with the weight of the first object at 1 and the weight of the second object at 0. Then at frame 30 set a key for the first object with a weight of 0 and the weight of the second object at 1.



Lostpencil. no, that is not what was happening. The object was actually moving away from the object I was constraining it to. And the translate was not the same distance, it was some really random distance like 13.574. And then I did it again and the distance was different again. Thanks.


Ahh… glad you figured it out. Thanks for posting your discovery.


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