Parasite Eve, Vaclav Krivanek (3D)


Title: Parasite Eve
Name: Vaclav Krivanek
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Title: Parasite Eve
Name: Vaclav Krivanek
Country: Czech republic
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop and brazil for rendering

This scene was based on Grant Hillier`s concept Parasite Eve, if you want to see the concept tell me or find it in wip thread Parasite Eve.

Base model was done in 3dsmax and then I add more details in mudbox, back to max, generate displace maps and normal map and then textures I used photoshop for them. Finally I render it with brazil r/s.

I will be glad for any C&C.
Thanks to all


Nice…very nice!.. Good work! :thumbsup:




AWESOME work buddy
great concept by grant hiller! and very good reproduction in 3d …i love the creatures head
and textures… keep up the good work …and waiting to see more from u.


:)you crazy Czech!! go to a doctor and take Grant with you!!! :scream: :smiley:

But u guys rock together :buttrock:

of course nice work, but i miss some flowers and butterflies :smiley:

keep on beeing crazy, i know where u work and live, u psychos!!!
ps: but why u write things twice?!?!? :smiley:

:buttrock: :buttrock::buttrock:
5***** !!!


Hey, great to see your work here in the 3d stills gallery! like I mentioned before the right leg/knee on the woman needs some tweaking but the whole look of the image is brilliant! very scary, poor poor woman! great texturing and modelling, well done Washek! :thumbsup:


This is my favourite image i have seen on this site for a while. Cant wait to see more. Did you decide against making a cave in the background?


Really great job.

Hamed katebi


5 stars from me


The Gore… The horror what a monster!!! incredible job… This would awesome to animate and make it eat some people or something.

excelent *****


nice work :slight_smile:


this one is wicket man! fantastic! looks like the girl is still alive & showing the finger to someone. Cheers!


:thumbsup: congratulations guy…very nice…


Great work, great piece, great use of software :slight_smile:


Sick…I love it!

Would be nice to see it in an environment. Still, top-notch work!


[left]Holy sweet mother of God! That’s awsome man! I really like the textures. Great job! :thumbsup:


Too bad you didn’t put it in an environment, but still… you got 5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Awesome work man. Really freaky looking.

5 from me too :thumbsup:


excellent i love this kind of work… keep it up please!


Great work!


5 stars, love it