Paramwire.connect anim key no effect


I have implemented the connection function, but when I finished the animation and exported, I found that the animation had no effect at all.

I use circle connect morpher,it works,then I K frame use circle, then export morpher,no effect~
i think connect cannt k frame, then i use paramwire.connect2Way . when export still dont work.
maybe it Really cant export??? or i export setting not set??

this is my main code…
paramWire.connect p_Circle.pos.controller[#X_Position] p_SelectedObj.modifiers[#Morpher][lb_MorpherList.selection] “X_Position*2.4”
thk for ereryone answer~


sry every one, This is caused by my colleague’s operation error。I always thought it was my code problem。


What is name of your colleague? mention him here :slight_smile: