Parameter value


I’ve got a question about parameters inside custom attributes or plugins. Basicaly I am looking for a way to access teh value of a preveiously defined parameter without doing the get or set event handler. The reason why I would like to do this is to affect the value of another parameter therefore the value needs to eb independent of the handler.

Thanks for the help!


Not sure that I completely follow what you are after. Can you be a bit more specific.


Allright, I am working on a little hand autorig tool and I have a finger curl parameter that is driving the bones with something like

on fCurl set valuecurl do (
rot = eulerAngles 0 valuecurl 0
aFinger.rotation.controller.Wired.controller.value = rot as quat
[size=2][color=white]) [/color][/size]
[size=2]Now this is all working great, what I want is another slider that will control a curl bias. Which means that I want to multiply the “valuecurl” by another parameter. So here is where the question is: I wasn’t able to find a property that would allow me to acces the value of a parameter without doing an event handler like above (“on set do” or “on get do”). [/size]
[size=2]Hopefully this makes a bit more sense.


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