Parallels and other emulation software vs bootcamp


Further to my question about testing ProRender using nvidia cards and Windows on my mac, I’ve been trying for two days to install Windows using Bootcamp. I did this on a MacBook Pro a few years back and it was easy. Now I’m trying on a Mac Pro Cheesegrater and it’s extremely difficult and frustrating.

I was wondering whether Parallels, VM Ware Fusion or Virtual Box might work? Which of those would be best?

Obviously I want something that will allow c4d to use the nvidia cards fully to run ProRender without penalty.


i haven’t looked at virtualization software in several years, but at that time they all seemed to cripple your system. I think they’re mostly made for running less computationally intensive programs.

And yeah, the last time I tried setting up bootcamp it was a mess. I finally got it running (can’t remember how) but I’m crossing my fingers that it stays up & I don’t have to try fixing it again.