"Papiroflexia" short film


awesome job!


Great short, I love the concept. This should be entered into fesitvals, Im sure you’d win. Great work.


Thanks man. I’ll start doing the whole festivals thing this week. It’s a lot of work as well… I’m still looking around and trying to decide to which ones to submit to, there’s so many out there.


Thank you for the cycles before, they are lovely!


A wonderful film about a maniacal fiend shaping the world to his will killing countless innocent bystanders in his obsessive paper folding madness. An inspiration for my own diabolocal schemes.

Wait…did I miss the message?


Hey guys, I’m posting the final animatic before coloring/music and all, if anyone wants to see the rough pencil tests and planning and all of that.

Papiroflexia Full Animatic >>>


“Right click > Save as…” to download. Only 12Mb…

Thanks again for all the comments


i like it!


Wonderfull movie, there should be more of this, good job brother


One of the most original animations i´ve seen, very great idea and execution. The story its very simple yet compelling.

Congrats :slight_smile:


Great and poetic !! :thumbsup:


Awesome guy! very good job! :thumbsup:


Wonderfully original, Beautiful Work.


it’s really beautifful work, different and refreshing…:thumbsup:



nicely done :slight_smile:


####NEWS!####: “Papiroflexia” is a finalist in the Very Short Movies film festival, and I need your help to win this one. Could you please (please?) vote for me on the website? Here’s how:

  1. Go to http://www.veryshortmovies.com/vsmLoginRegister.asp?nvf=c, sign up, log in
  2. Go to “Vote” on top
  3. Go to the “Animation” category and the film “Papiroflexia”
  4. Then click on “Vote for this film”)

Thanks! Any questions about it are welcome (only a few weeks left for voting, so hurry!)

Come on guys, just a quick vote to help.


You didn’t use any 3D software , did you ?


zoom3d: Well, not except for 3d layers in after effects for the multi-plane effect

Don’t forget to vote! (look at the message right above)


simple style but great feeling to me! nice work! I love it:thumbsup:


That was beautiful!
Nice work!


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