Paper material



Is someone willing to share info or give a hint how could I create paper like material in 3ds max without using textures- using material editor only?

Thank you!


Be more specific about what kind of paper and your intention for it. Rice paper looks different than cheap copy paper which looks different from butcher’s paper which is distinct from wrapping paper which bears little semblance to all the various kinds of hand-laid papers out there. Paper has more than texture, it has structure and that will affect the look as well.


Thx for reply. Hard to put it in words. I am doing a lot of low poly stuff lately and and I want simple paper look. Low poly landscape. Some guys make really awesome combination.


If words fail you, how about a picture of what you’d like to reference? They’re worth a thousand or so.


you should probably focus on two main factors, a nice paper bump texture that you can get just by scanning some rough paper, the kind you use for crafts, and the second is a good global illumination, i’m sure you can find examples of that everywhere. Focus on colour bleed and soft shadows, you should get a nice look out of that.


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