pantomime animation

this is my pantomime animation plz give critiques


he seems to zip intot he room a bit to fast and the same when he leaves , apart from that I would say the animation is good , but im no animator , keep at it :slight_smile:


thx for your the way do you know texturing and uv mapping?


sorry for the late reply but my internet has been off all week . yes I do know these things what do you want to know.


i modeled 1 tree house for my project,my question is how to mapping and texturing.but last i done .can u give me ur id plz i send u for ur suggessions.


what do you mean my ID ? my Email ? if so I will PM it to you.


Thx for ur replay.My id is babji3@yahoo.Com.Add this id .I’ll send some pics .By the way do u know rigging?


He zips into screen really fast and then feels like he slows before he hits the cupboard. At that speed he’d bounce off and crash hard or you can slow down his entrance. Most of the anim feels good but I think the 2nd half his body could do with more overlap…feels abit stiff.
Nice work man keep it up!


Hy thx for ur critiq astroboii,can u tell me a step by step critics plz. 1.First i slow down his entry?Then next what i have to change?


Hey Babji
Here are some quick thoughts:
-He enters on his skateboard really fast…but slows right before he hits…you can make him lean back on his skateboard to act as if hes adding weight and slowing down to anticipate stopping before he hits the wardrobe.
-The 2nd half when he takes off his hate his spine is stiff and feels like he only moves from his waist controller. Overlap the spine/chest abit.
-Also Im not too sure of his action as he looks at his hat. It needs to be a clearer action such as taking his hat off and looking to the ceiling with slumped shoulders, shaking his head as if he has kinda given up looking.

Those are the main ones that stood out for me…still looks really good!


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