Panic Atack! / Small Movie, Big Robots. (By FedeAlvarez)


all the news sites are reporting this short took 300$ to make, which is just a tiny bit misleading. great short tho, top notch effects mostly.


great job. awesome VFX.


Nice short. And congratulations on the Raimi deal!


Awesome piece of work! Well done.


Amazing work!!
Congratulations and good luck with your next film!!


You say this movie cost you 300 to make, all the programs you have used cost thousands
so your ethier openly admiting to piracy or you are lying about your budget, which one is it ?


If you put the cost of all your softwares, machines and other gadgets that you use to make a movie, it always will be a lot of money. I think he is saying about production costs, this doesnt involve machines (only if you rent them), only people, cattering transport and some tapes to shot the movie…


Any of the software you listed would single handidly cost more than the $300.

By looking at the credits, there’s about 20 people working on this project.

I guess any movie only costs about $300 if you don’t include salaries, special effects, equipment, software, food, electricity. I’m not exactly sure what would be left.


What is up with you guys?

Who is to say that he/they don’t already own the software($0.00), salaries (who said anyone was paid to work on it), maybe that $300 whatever it was used to gets rights to something, a license fee or to pay a municipality for usage permits? EDIT: after rereading the OP he said the live actions shots were $300…

There are a ton of shorts out there that didn’t cost but peoples times to make them.

BTW I know for a fact that kind of money can go a long way in certain regions of the planet.:wink:


Author, you are news star in Russia


Tonight, Panic Attack was on the news (which is broadcasted in Hong Kong and Macau). My brother and I saw the full movie on youtube and we loved it. Congratulations on your success! At school we are learning about animation and your work is very inspiring. I am amazed at how much commitment you have put forth in creating this movie and my brother and I are still wondering how you managed to do it all using only $300 dollars!


It’s a great short, but I’m annoyed you totally failed to mention you where HUGELY INSPIRED by this short animation.

The guys who did this original must be so gutted you took so hugely from them and then got a contract.

I do like yours far better, you’ve got good directional skills but seriously, don’t forget to give credit where credits due.


Hey, if you check the info in my youtube link, you gonna see that same link bro… Bobby the Groot, is on the thanks list at the end of the video, he es from House Of Secrets, the post house who did that short… I was very in touch with him since the begining of my project. I mention in every interview, that I was inspired by that short movie. Bobby is very happy about how everything turn out.


So many haters… :rolleyes:

Good job and Congratz!


Not a hater at all lol :slight_smile: I really love what they’ve done and achieved, its amazing!

I think it stems back from seeing a friend inspire someone else and never getting any credit, i sore on youtube its credited in the more info, thats cool :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean any disrespect by what i said anyway, hard to convey how i was saying that on the internet lol, just read the post and was like “huh this is very similar to a previous film lol”

But like i said yours shows great directional talent and the way its all put together is brilliant, very nice feel to it, reminded me of District 9 a tad.

Great to see your active and reply though, much love, and hope future projects turn out great!


brilliant thats what I like about our job if u have real talent you can almost achieve any thing congratulation


Very, very well done!


amazing!!! :applause:


Congratulations for the amazing direction and the vfx, which look awesome! I would love to see a making of sometime! Well done and good luck to your next job :applause:


I don’t know if you were referring to me as one of the “haters”. I’m not “hating”. I actually find this story to be very inspiring. However, it’s interesting that he has not replied any of the comments on this forum from numerous people asking him what exactly constitutes this $300. He has an entire team who worked on this project if you look at the credits. Media outlets are saying “Panic Attack turns $300 video into $30 million deal”. How come he hasn’t said anything to clear this up?

The people on this forum asking were probably not “hating”, it’s just that they themselves are probably artists who want to know how they could use just $300 to make a video like that.