Panic Atack! / Small Movie, Big Robots. (By FedeAlvarez)


I’m from Montevideo (Uruguay… small country between Argentina and Brasil), and I wanted to share with everybody my last short movie.

It’s about Giant Robots, coming to destroy my small city. I think maybe it’s an attempt to make the city look bigger and more important… :buttrock: …at least in the Giant Robot’s schedule.
(Watch’it in HQ!)

It took U$s300 to shoot the live action, and then maybe a year to complete the 90 vfx shots (during very interrupted periods…)

I used Premiere, After, Photoshop, 3dMax, Boujou, Glu3d and FumeFx.

The modeling, mapping and rigging of the Robots, fighters and planes was made by Mauro Rondan. (

Looking foward to hear your feedback!
Hope you’ll like it!


Some stills:


Great video Fedalvar, looks that now we from Latim America can be invaded and not only EUA! Very good video, hope to see some making of later.


I love it! Awesome the way you made Antel’s building explode! :drool:


nice job mate…nice fume work too. i loved it.:beer:


shit this is mind blowing stuff.great direction and vfx. surprised this hasn’t made front page.


Excellent work Fede! And on a shoe-string budget! I like your style.

Didn’t this land you a directing deal with Sam Raimi’s production company? Congratulations! It’s great seeing fresh talent given opportunities to shine. Make it happen! Good luck!

P.S. If you need any help animating for your movie, I’d love to help!


muy buen trabajo!!! increible la direccion! te felicito, desde argentina!


Very, very well done!



Fantastic work Fedalvar, amazing especially for the budget! Very inspirational for I’m sure many film makers - dont really need millions of dollars to produce nice visual work!


Wow, these have to be the most action-packed 5 minutes I’ve ever seen :eek:



Nice film, congrats on the deal. Spend the money on hookers and blow.


The camera work/camera match IMO were really well done, that is what stood out to me the most :wink: and that great atmosphere in the beginning. Cheers :slight_smile:


very nice movie. i hope you use the money and blow up the fu…ing big box office movies away.

i like your work and its so awsome for the low money.


this is really good stuff, very well done and on such a small budget. Congratulations.


Hi there, g8 job, I was wondering how can you manage the crowd like that ? There are probably min. of 50 different people around and they are real (not a anything generated)…

Anyway, good job again…


Congratulations buddy! first of all for this nice video and for the upcoming project ( I heard about the movie and all that stuff ).

It’s nice to heard from projects like this coming out from a nice and good short film.

keep it up amigo!



wow really very good work i like it 2 much i see here real movie

good luck 4 ever :applause:


An emotional piece! Brilliant work!


Man, I saw about the great news, you got a report in the television here in Brazil. Congratulations and dont forget us here!


i find this anything but impressive, i’m sorry to be blunt but that’s just what it is.
The animation is approximative and the same about FXs.
The model quality seems fair, but the overall design is cheap, i’d say that’s to spare modeling & rendering time and that’s ok, but there’s nothing to be impressed since retro-robots where already seen in major pictures (eg: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow).

Btw congrats for the contract with Raimi, i’m looking forward to see how this will turn out.