Pan troglodytes, Jian Xu (3D)


great render! nice expression.


Beautiful rendition of a classic shot.




A wonderful portrait of a close cousin!

Having you considered doing a similar piece with an extinct hominid? Would love to see your take on h. floresiensis.


impressive as always ! :buttrock:


Super Awesome!!


Skin and hair details are extraordinary. Also look in his eyes… very natural. Congratulations!


great work!


This the weirdest experience I just had looking at you image. It is stunning. What through me off at first is one little detail that usually is the other way around with other artist. The eyes and the area around the eyes is so full of life and detail (uncanny valley conquered), that the rest of the image looks a little worse, as if you had rendered everything and took the area around the eyes from a real photo. Of course, I know you did not, but this part of the image is just stunning. Great work!




Very nice and expressive modeling. Congratulations


Great piece. Amazing details and great realism!

Thumbs up!


Amazing! The skin, fur and expression are so real.
Among several chimp, gorillas and other images like that, this is what I like the most!



Very realistic, looks great!


Great Job!!!:bowdown:


man. that is awesome . beauty and detail . thumbs up!


wow so great , i like it so much :slight_smile:
keep it up :thumbsup:


Well, what to say…its a work of a master. someone who knows the art and technical side of creating such a beautiful image! I always wonder what brings Photorealism to a 3D render. It would be very useful to me and other fellow CG artists too if you could share some tips and knowledge not about the tools or software but the workflow you follow when you have an idea in mind and the main points to keep in mind to take the artwork to the level of photorealism.

5 Stars and as usual AMAZING work! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Thanks everyone!some screenshots for material and lighting!


This is so a-m-a-z-i-n-g! :buttrock:


AMAZING:thumbsup: it’s look so realistic:) GREAT JOB!!!