Pan troglodytes, Jian Xu (3D)


Title: Pan troglodytes
Name: Jian Xu
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi everyone! This is my lastest artwork.Pan troglodytes is a kind of animal mostly close to human beings.
I intended to make a little sad Pan troglodytes this time,he looks camera peacefully but with impressive eyes.
I finished it in 3dsmax zbrush and photoshop.hope you like it.


very good rendering and modeling.congrat…:thumbsup:


Awesome image!!


Great job!
Love the detailing, subtle differences and overall render…

The only thing I could give as a crit is maybe sharpening the reflections of the eyes to give it a more vibrant feel.

  • Jeroen


Amazing!! Very realistic!! 5*


He looks like a wise monkey. :slight_smile:

Awesome job, :slight_smile:


Love it. Nice rendering.


nice model zbrush ownz !


F*king awesome!!!


nice piece as usual, love the shader and the hair effect, love it~


Great work !! Awesome !!


Great work!!:applause:


Could we see some wire and other scene info

Could we see some wires and other scene intfo? :stuck_out_tongue:





Fantastic work !!


Love it. Nice rendering and great expression !


Outstanding!! :bounce:

The most realistic animal render I’ve ever seen. Definitely Choice Gallery worthy.

Congratulations on an amazing image :slight_smile:



The following are some informations about the work.

Zbrush screenshots:

Wire frame:

In 3dsmax:


:eek: aaaaaaaa excelenteee workkk isss VERYY crazyyyy mennn :applause:


Great modeling! The character countenance is very impressive :slight_smile:
The technical part is impeccable and is very well covered in the post comments.