Palmtree, Uwe Gleiß (3D)


Title: Palmtree
Name: Uwe Gleiß
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

This began as a little play with words and soon I found myself optimizing the lighting of this scene. So any critique considering the light, which schould be a warm summer evening, perfect for a stroll around the measows behind the village - some things are allready hidden by twilight, but looking longer at those darker areas still reveals details.

The ‘landscape’ was modelled in Cinema 4D, all plants except of the tree is Cinema 4D-Hair. The tree itself is constructed with XFrog. All materials are procedural (which shows on those stonepillars which still look a bit more molten than I’d like them to be). The sky is done with Cinemas own Sky and tweaked with a few little tricks.

No postwork.

As told: your opinion is allway appreciated.


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