Paints Through Model Faces


Making a lot of progress learning mudbox since we got it last week…

Painting a model of a old wooden table, all kinds of knots, bumps n things. Anyway once I painted the top of the table, I went around to the bottom view and saw the texture is on the bottom despite me not having painted there. So now when I go to paint the bottom of the model , it changes the top.

Painted in the orthographic view so I didn’t realize it was happening

Searched the docs, couldnt find any help.

So I guess I’m asking how do you mask/control your painting if you are satisfied with one view and want to keep it from being altered as you work on the rest?

Thanks for the help!


You can hide the faces you don’t want to paint, but I think your problem could be overlapping uv’s. did you check that?



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