"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Thanks, I see where my mistakes lie.


Sometimes the most subtle changes make a profound difference, such as the edit above. Great work.


Hi, it’s been a while, :smiley:
wanted the figure to be reflected by intense fire happening near/in front of her. ( like in front of a campfire or something)
Not sure if the image is over saturated ?


You always come up with great pain rovers


Here’s the one with the red light.


Ah the shadows is too dark, and the refined hand is so much better.
but the blue light is a little too colorful for my purpose of this piece, is there another color of reflected light I can use? Nonetheless, thank you!


Colors are subjective, you can choose grey, green, purple, or keep it all red if you like. To me that just feels oppressive though, tiresome in the long run… pure red light is a fun effect for a short while, but my eye seems to get tired of it, like dance music at max volume for several hours… :slight_smile:


That’s a great way to describe it haha thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi! I noticed no one has posted here in a while and I hope that its still going!

I have a painting I just finished but I find color to be my weak area, and probably lighting which is something I’m working on.

Would love to see if this is right or if I headed in the wrong direction. Kind of a moonlight scene… Would love to see what you do with this… :slight_smile:


Hi, sorry it took a while, here’s this one, hope you can see what I did. Actually not much really, it looks like you already had reference for the hand and my version isn’t really making it better, anatomically. We both made the hand too rough and sketchy, it needs more work. Lighting wise I think it’s a little better.


This is awesome! Thank you so much! This gives me a really great idea of the areas I need to work on not only for this piece but for my future stuff too.

Thank you again so much.


I am currently working on this character. I would like to know how I can make it better, especially the facial expression (I want to give him an arrogant smile),
anatomy and lighting.
Thank you very much in advance!


Hi, i am starting a new project and i am learning digital painting in PS, so i need help



I’m new to digital painting and they don’t really teach this at my school, so I hope this thread is still active and you can help me. I can’t figure out why its appearing so muddy and it doesnt seem to be very vibrant. Thanks for your time!


Ok sorry it took a while again.
The first one, I think he needs to lift his chin. If you google “arrogant smile”, most people seem to do that. It also seems to me the most arrogant way of smiling. :slight_smile:

The second one here:

And the third one, has 3 frames to it. The middle frame shows how I started with a simple Auto Contrast, and a bit of Curves pulling the center of the curve down a little. Apart from that, the lighting was originally a little off, and a little flat, so I added some shading here and there.


Sweet thanks! haven’t had any real time to look at it and reflect on it til now… I was wondering what was making the lighting flat? was it my lack of shadows and darks? is there a way to make it more crisp or is it my rendering? thanks again learned a lot from that!


The trick is in the distribution of the darks and lights. If you look at her cheeks and arm, I made it look rounder and more 3 dimensional by applying more realistic gradation from white to black. All it takes is practice, and the best way to practice that is to put some simple rounded surface under a light, and try to copy it. A rolled up sheet of paper for instance. Or copy photos like these - boring yes, but no pain no gain. :slight_smile:


Hey there! I feel that something in her face is off. Maybe its that her eyebrows are covered?

Nevermind the filigree in the background, I’m still working on this. I just can’t get satisfied with her face. Her expression looks so dull.


Figured out what is was. The highlight on her chin makes her jaw look crooked.


Thank you for the suggestion Stahlberg! :slight_smile: