"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


one more… …


You know, Steven, I think it’s pretty damn impressive that some of the images submitted into this thread are already quite advanced work, yet you still find ways to improve them pretty dramatically. You have this knack for rearranging the dynamic range and tonal composition so that the areas of focus become razor sharp. You are also damn good at assessing what to push back in terms of superfluous detail.

It’s ironic that so many less experienced artists always assume the shortcomings of their work is all about what they couldn’t put into the images, but in reality, it’s often the opposite–that they put too much into their images and haven’t exercised enough discipline to not paint useless detail that ends up diluting the entire image.


OMG OMG OMG thank you so much for overpainting my work, such an inspiration :slight_smile:

But I have a question about the blue secondary light that was in my original work, why did u get rid of it? It messed something up, attracted too many attention, messed with the overall feel?
And why did u make her right arm much bigger, it looks kinda fat now. Was it for balance, or the anatomy was all wrong?
And the belt lost allot of detail, was it so the eye is not drawn away from more important places like the arm and face?
Thank you for your time.


Thanks Rob. :slight_smile:

Mikucis, I wasn’t really thinking when I did that, trying to explain it after the fact, I guess I subconsciously felt it was interfering with the redness and also of the scary darkness of the gross parts… it was also very subdued, I guess it’s not a big change to lose it, but if you really want to keep it I could strengthen it and put it back in?


No no, its all right, I just want to know reasoning behind everything, that’s my nature. I think I can improve faster that way :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for your time
Your awesome

Oh you already changed the pic… don’t want to be ungrateful but I think it looks worse now :frowning:


Here’s another one


the rock texture and form, the fire, the troops, the bg, it’s all great!!! :bowdown:
I especially stunned with the way you render the fire :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I’d like to request a paintover too.

This started out as a practice in values…and…I guess it’s obvious I need that practice. I can’t really seem to balance the face without losing the (intended) dramatic lighting and I feel parts of the construction are off but I can’t really put my finger on it. I also have a lot of trouble with the neck, collarbone and shoulders. How they connect to the head and each other and their shape and proportions. I painted them over a lot of times but it just won’t click in my mind.

If you have the time, I would be really thankful.


Ok here’s this one, hope I got it


That helps tons! I’m glad to see my construction wasn’t that far off though I’ll change a few little things, but I definitely feel a lot ‘click’ when I study this form and value wise. It’s very helpful. Thank you so much for your time!


thank you very much Mr. Stahlberg for the paint over!


Hello Mr Stahlberg,
I’ve been working on a character for quiet some time now. There is definitly something wrong with the proportions.
I guess I started to quick with the detailling and lost the overall sight of it.
At the moment I think his crouch/pants are way to low but I’ve been looking to long at it to be sure.
An overpaint would really help.
Thx in advance,
here you can find the history of the character


Looks good to me, not sure what I can do to help. His legs look a little short perhaps, and the crotch also a bit low like you say, but that’s the fashion nowadays. :slight_smile:

Anyway right now I’m a bit busy with a CG Workshop on this site, where I’m doing nothing but paintovers all the time, for a whole class of students who keep posting their work. Lucky I’m on vacation or I’d have no time for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx for the reply!
No problem I’ll keep working on it!


Hi Mr. Stahlberg, I think I want to post my newest artwork again after about two months XD

This is an entry for a competition. The topic is to illustrate an Indonesian folklore with
my own interpretation. This is based of the story of Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber in English.
You might want to check this link if you want to know the story http://digitalartvolution.com/timun-mas.php

This painting tells about Timun Mas in sci-fi settings, 2 professors longing to build a cyborg as their child,
but their dream needs an enormous amount of fund, so a Giant corporation offer a funding,
but once the cyborg is complete, it’s Giant’s properties. so the 2 professor started to build
prototype 00 codename Golden Cucumber in a cucumber like pod XD

I don’t know what’s lacking in this piece, but it is somehow failed to give a dark and
mysterious atmosphere. And the cables is also not tangled enough like in my sketch
after I rendered it :frowning:

You have helped me a lot, please do this only if you have the time :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

This is the sketch, just for comparison




Hi Mr. Stahlberg,
Thanks for openning a thread like this…
I’ve posted my latest image.
It’s an entry for a competition : The character is an elemental witch controlling nature and water.
I think it’s finished but any critiques will be very helpful…to improve myself…
Thank you very much for spending your time on this image …
I’m very appreciated…
Best regards…:slight_smile:


Ok here’s the next one in line


And another one


Thank you very much Mr.Stahlberg,
it looks better with desaturated colors, better face anatomy and hairs etc…:slight_smile:
Best regards…