"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Steven this is really generous of you. Keep up the good work.


Wow this is so generous of you to take your time out and do this. Amazing. Thank you :slight_smile: I won’t post anything yet, because I think at this point I can learn a ton just by looking at your paint-overs.


Wow, thanks, this really does make me think much more about contrasts and how lights should work. I also neglected the tree a lot. No wonder i never got a reply ^^

I like the addition of reds, i really never though of that, it does feel more like skin than before.

Really thank you, really appreciated.

I was wondering (i promise i wont clutter the thread with my images, this will be the last one ^^)

I made this image on 2004, though im happy with her i see something really wrong, but i dont know what it is.

Thanks for your time


Just stopping by to say thank you for this, Mr Stahlberg! Muchos kudos!


[left]Hi Steven, hi everybody.

Hello…i think this is a great opportunity…so…here goes…

This is a compo from last challenge.
What i discovered when i finished is that although there was a lot of hard work on it
and most of elements are good…somehow in the final compo …i &%^$&#%& …hated it…
(pardon my French :scream: …so…i wanna get in this again when i have some free time,
so i wouldn’t mind some …or more paintover…as much hard critic u can give …it’s ok…
i am interested…
And sorry about size …i am not position right now to upload anything
from where i am right now. :shrug:Please delete my post if it’s a big problem and i can upload it again smaller soon…
So here it is…



The idea is so good, and there’s so much demand for it that it could have its own forum, with each submission in its dedicated thread, with the forum only focusing on paint-overs as suggestions. I myself like to do my suggestions with paintovers (rather simplistic…) and I am glad about this thing going popular.

Sorry if these ideas are already mentioned…


Dmitris, that’s spookily like a scene from House of Flying Daggers- you know, that scene where he goes to kill Sky?
…except it’s nighttime in your scene. Beautiful one, by the way.

I agree with the idea of a forum for this, except instead of piling all the work on poor steven, we could ask a few more masters around here if they want to join in, so each master has their ‘own’ paintover thread. Just a thought. I’m sure it’d be fantastically popular.


Paperclip: Seconded :smiley:

stands nervously is… there… 4 or more untreated ones? Can I post mine?


I just saw what you did with mine. Thanks very much for the help, you’re a legend! :bowdown:


What about if I give you some advice?

  1. The foreground chessboard and the rooftop should be removed.

  2. Please make a research on chinese architecture, the rooftop doesn’t like this.

  3. Remove all water drops, it is distracting because the drop is too large and obvious.

  4. Lighting - I don’t know why there is an odd blooming at LHS of the picture.

  5. You have lamps in the outside buildings, make it glow in yellow.

  6. Girl’s hair style should be a bit more complex… not just that simple.

  7. Zooming blurs and DOF helps to enhance atmosphere.

  8. Additional: I may add some falling leaves or flower pedals on the floor and blowing in the scene.:slight_smile:

  9. The floor is too simple without oraments…


Good comments, dickma. I’d like to add that the guy on the left seems a bit big, perspective wise. Here’s the overpaint I just finished:


Another one:

With this one I also feel the figure on the right should be pointing down the path, looking at the guy on the left (but I was too lazy to paint it). :slight_smile: Now that I look at it I also think the fallen log is slanting too much, distorting the perspective a bit.



Another one.
This is the workflow I follow to fix anatomy.
First, a layer of red lines showing a mix of skeletal details, centerlines, and perspective lines.

Then, painting, smudging, cutting/pasting following the lines, finally turning off the lines and fine-tuning.



awsome, I didn’t realize how oversaturated mine was. And I hadn’t even thought about the log…but you are very right. I shall rework it.
I really appreciate it.


Feel free to ignore this one, Steven, this is just an experiment- jeromoo (jerome moo wen han) did a paintover of one of my characters, I was curious how you would treat the same painting. The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is his.

I hesitate to paint over someone else’s paintover… :smiley:
Anyway, his paintover is fine, I’ve got nothing to add to it when it comes to light and shadow and color etc. The perspective is a little off but that always takes a lot of effort on a face, and paintovers are usually done quickly.
I suggest you sketch the skull shape, the centerline and some perspective lines, as in my anatomy study above. It also helps to horisontal-flip the image. If you’re still unhappy with it after that, post it again here and I’ll do my best.



Simple, like a spacesuit…That is a Hubble telescope picture in the background.



Like everyone else said… this is a really cool idea :smiley:
I’d like to know what can be improved on in this pic. Trying to figure out lighting and shading… (And of course, anatomy)


As everyone else keeps saying, this is a great idea, and I really hope that other artists will join in and do more paintovers as well.
but it may need another way of managing the image queue waiting for paintovers, as it looks like the 4 image queue aren’t working as suggested. Right now I can’t really determine how many images are queued, so I’ll chance a post and hope for the best.

 It started as a daily sketch on "Are you talking to me" but after a bit playing around afterwards, this one appeared.

Can’t say I put much work into a story or anything as I just did whatever came to my mind, so it’s up to the viewer now to determine what is happening, what has just happened and what will happen soon. Anyhow, I’m a bit stuck now on how to improve the composition, environment further and maybe develop whatever story there may be, in some direction.
Paintover or just text comments, either way I would love to get some input.



Thanks, Steven. I’m afraid I got a little too greedy with the whole paintover business! It’s such a powerful tool and I got dazzled by it. :smiley:

I’d like to commend you for being so generous, it’s really nice of you to give up your time to help others (although I have a feeling you’re having fun doing it as well!). cheers, man.


Thank you Stahlberg, I always make good comments. :slight_smile:

I still don’t have my paintover result yet.
(Just I hate the thumbnail function of the upload image in the thread, why the image which is linked from outside can show in full size in the thread? The thumbnail one is just too small and not noticeable.)