"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


tack så mycket Steven :smiley: i appriciate the paintover even if it wasnt what u had in mind . i ll post the progress of the character in the body topology thread .


this is a peice im working on right now, i have spent some time on it and im very near the end i think so ill post it for you to have a gander, i do view any input as gold dust and its always good to get a slaping about to wake one up as it were

No slapping about needed, your image really doesn’t need much in the way of a paintover… :slight_smile: I love it. Some small anatomy issues but that could be down to the style, if you like it that way… a bit Aeon Fluxy perhaps. Just her right fist, check your own in a mirror, the knuckles slanting so that the pinkie end of the hand seems too long.

cuatemoc69, your concept is very nice. Maybe you should follow it more closely, redder and more disorderly hair, the makeup around the eyes, removing the gun… does she need a weapon? Perhaps a poisoned crooked dagger would be more suitable. Also, I think her head seems too small for her body, while in your concept painting it looks about right. (I won’t paint on it this time, because images like these are better commented in text I think)



I didnt get stuck on this one, but never knew why people didnt like it so i figure its because there is something really wrong with it.

These is about two friends, she is a raptor but i didnt want to make her agresive since she isnt really dangerous and following that i tryed to avoid any colors about danger or precaution.

And he is a “cartoon” character like a hunchback (he has a much bigger eye than the other and he has two big rounded teeth with the mouth pulled to the right), he represents inocense so he is actually calmed about being grabed by her tayl.

Also thought pastel bright colors on the background woudnt contrast the scene too much (but im not to efficient in backgrounds)

Great topic, its something the forums needed
Thanks in advance if you pick my image up


This is super! I’m really stuck on an image (well it’s more of a composition issue) and this thread is -so- what I needed! I don’t want be hasty though, I’m going to try and fix what I think I can and then post here. Thank you so much!


Is this the answer to my prayers? Hehe!
It seems no matter how hard I try something is always wonky with my faces and this is one of them. Even a written description would be fine if you don’t want to do a paintover.
Here it is.

I honestly thought I nailed it, but I was clearly wrong:hmm:.
Thanks very much for your time!


Steven!That Cat and Faerie piece is really touching ! what a paintover !by god!:thumbsup:



Since I post the WIP with overall texture applied, I didn’t receive any comments.
Actually I would like to make him more fierce, but just for me it is really don’t know how to “spoil” something, like adding a scar, or tattoo…

Also have a background setup.

It may look good with your “paintover” :slight_smile:


Stahlberg, you are amazing :slight_smile: That’s a greeeat help for people, and a good way to make your name even more renowned…what else can u ask for?


Really fantastic idea! Thanks for taking the time to do this many will (myself included) benifit from watching the transformantion.


This is a piece I have been stuck on for a while. Was wondering if you could help me with her dress possibly, background, ground, any anatomy or light problems.
Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. I am glad and thankful that you are helping others.



this thread is going to get real big…real fast. But remember guys… only four at a time.
Great idea mate!!!


Samsonite0077, yours is another that really doesn’t have any big problems, :smiley: top 3/4 is fine the bottom part where the feet meet the ground looks a bit weird with the perspective, it seems tilted somehow, especially behind the feet… see if you can find reference for someone standing barefoot in grass like that, on a little hill (if you can’t find it, try to take a photo yourself). maybe all you have to do is separate the background grass from the middleground grass.

johnnyschihl, that’s a very cool and twisted illustration there… :smiley: I’m not sure what you were going for though. Dark gory realistic, like a horror-movie? Or more illustration-like, similar to german artists from the 30’s I think (can’t think of any names right now)?

More overpaints coming soon.



Here, I was just wondering if you noticed any composition mistakes or any other obvious flaw I didn’t see. I really wanted the river to stand out in this piece, in order to get an interesting visual path. That’s my first matte painting.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Damn, sorry, didn’t notice it was characters only!


this is my work! i paint it when i saw a toy bear on my desk . i wanna a evil way !


Fun idea Steven.


You are so the man, Steven. :slight_smile:



Hey Malachi how’s everything!

abeld3dg, haha that’s amazingly sick and cool! :smiley: No crits!

DanVL, excellent matte painting, not enough crits to warrant an overpaint I reckon. The river may be standing out a little too much because of the very obvious line of shadowed trees next to it, but that’s a borderline case and matter of taste, and you said you wanted it to stand out.
It’s hard for me to tell if it’s moonlight or daylight, see if you can maybe clarify that a bit.

Here’s another:


thanks Stalhberg!
I’m having alot of trouble with colors and lighting…How can I add more depth/atmosphere and make the lighting more convincing? anything you can think of to make it more “dramatic” in your opinion? Also, do you think you would change the composition and character poses? [supposed to be a hunting pack following something wounded] I’d really appreciate any feedback, and thanks again for doing this.


Did another since it’s Friday :smiley:
(note that I didn’t get rid of her skin texture on purpose, it just got covered by paint)

And another, just a quickie:



Feel free to ignore this one, Steven, this is just an experiment- jeromoo (jerome moo wen han) did a paintover of one of my characters, I was curious how you would treat the same painting. The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is his.