"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Here’s Margaery, subtle changes but important ones, because it’s where this actress “deviates from the norm” so to speak, another way to say, these are the things that make her recognizable.
When you find those deviations, don’t hesitate to push them, you can’t go wrong - if you go too far, it simply looks like a skillful charicature. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, that helps a lot! :slight_smile:


Hope this thread is still alive… mood I think is that oh crap moment when a bit huge thing just destroyed everything in its path and is coming towards you. This is the most I can get with it, I feel that its missing that finished or polished look. the lighting seems kinda shady too, thanks!


I’m looking for a job right now but I’ll get to it asap


sweet thanks, i look forward to it!


Hello Mr Stahlberg,

I’ve been working on this for a while and confusing about lighting and composition. At this moment I don’t know how to fix some problems that I did not realized .
Thank you very much indeed for your suggestions.


Here’s this one…


here’s this one


thanks very much indeed, it helps a lot!


Wow that’s pretty sexy, thanks! I like how the contrast created more of a mood.


Hi hi, and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

Could you possibly help me out with a bit of anatomy on Katarina, please? Although I have looked up references for the pose and even tried photographing myself in it - I still feel something is wrong with the back/waist/buttocks area…but I can’t put my finger on it :frowning:
If you can, please - thank you so much in advance!


Here is my advice. The pose feels wrong because it’s awkward, not natural, particularly as part of a movement, which this obviously is. Her spine is twisted one way, but the closer arm is reaching the opposite way. The head is also slightly out of position, and the whole back is too long. I also angled the leg a bit. It’s interesting that you tried the pose, you didn’t feel it was a bit unnatural? Anyway hope it helps.


Happy New Year!
That is so much better, thank you for taking the trouble to look over the rest too :slight_smile:
Well to be honest initially I was going for a pose similar to the one you painted over (hands-wise mostly speaking), and used a pose reference from senshistock - but it still felt a bit too…re-active for Katarina’s character. So I chose to go with a pose that was more pro-active trying to suggest a spinning motion in mid-air while preparing to strike. Didn’t find any pose references for this one though so that’s why it might look awkward, because of my fail anatomy haha.


I think the reason you couldn’t find reference is because it’s an unnatural pose. :slight_smile:
I found a couple bishoujo statues here that have somewhat similar poses to my suggestion




Yeah, I think you are right :slight_smile:
You are amazing - I don’t know you and you don’t know me and yet you spend your time not only helping with my initial request but tweaking more of the pic and also sending me references. To be honest it’s been ages since anyone did something that nice for me, at least art-wise - you are one of a kind and make my heart smile, thank you :slight_smile:


hi. i’m new in cg and i’m working with a wacom tab for 6 months. the main problem of my painting is when i work with values and after working on gray scale i find it incomplete to add color in layer mode. i mean when i start to put some color on it , it becomes unnatural. can u work on this and add color on it, thanks. and tell me where i am wrong.


Well the first thing I see is there’s no light in this image, except a tiny little rimlight and some very faint shading in some places… it’s basically cartoony. For natural color you need light. I’ll work on it a bit, invent a light and go from there.


Hello sir! Was wondering if you can help me with this piece before I fully render and miss something. My goal was to create a scene similar to one of those animal in its natural environment picture. I kept changing the composition and size, then settled for this. I also wanted the atmosphere to feel dusky (light direction might be wrong). I guess what my end goal is a candid picture of an animal in nature done by a nature photographer. Thank you for your time!

p.s. I dont really know how dark it is, the image saturation looks totally different on each of my monitors.


Hello Steven,

over the last months I have tried to improve my drawing and coloring skills. Right now, I am working on a portrait, and this time, I made some progress by dealing with value and color separately, which really helped me to get in some detail. However, there is still something off/weird about the anatomy, lighting and coloring, and I cannot really put my finger on it. I hope you can help me! Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:


hesamfisher, I started a Patreon page since I just lost my job yesterday, is it ok if I use your image above to make an instructional paintover video?
end5er and zherkezhi, same question to you guys?

I can send it to you free of charge when it’s done, just email me at stahlber at yahoo.com. I’m planning to shut down the PaintOver thread for a while, because I won’t have time for it.