"PAINTOVER PLEASE" - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


What’s a paintover?
In this context it means one artist painting or drawing on top of another artist’s image, suggesting how to improve it.

 Even though most seem to appreciate it, some are uncomfortable with having their paintings altered by others (as opposed to written crits, although of course some don't even like those). 
 Enter this thread, where you only post your image if you actually WANT it painted on.
 Rules for submissions
 Submit any 2d or 3d image of yours you'd like me to paint on - except: 
 1. Only one per session  
 2. Explain what you're trying to communicate with it (important, in case it's not obvious)
 3. Originals should be relatively 'finished' looking - no sketches or big empty areas.  This thread is meant to assist with a piece you've worked a lot on, but gotten stuck with.  
 4. Size - roughly 800x600 or viceversa, maximum 
  1. Objective realism - I can’t help you with cartoons, abstract stuff or your own very stylized style. What I can help you the most with is lighting, atmosphere, perspective, internal logic and story.
    6. Only submit until there are 4 - 5 ‘untreated’ images in a row (if you see 4 - 5 images that haven’t been processed please wait a little).

    I hope to contribute about an hour a day or so to this thread. I can’t promise all 4 in a session will be attended to, it all depends. But you can always submit the same image again later.




obsolete info deleted…



       This is awesome, a big thank you in advance! This makes a fantastic addition to the Anatomy Forum. :)




definately worth it and greatly appriciated :smiley:
I am making a character inspired by Frank miller’s comic “300” . Its about the battle at Thermopylae and the fall of leonidas and his 300 warriors. So i am thinking of a close up to the face of leonidas and u can see on the back his 300 warriors in a turtle kind of assembly and on their shields,spears, eyes of leonidas and armour u can see the persian army. thats the idea anyway.
this is the final blendshape of leonidas as he is about to make the last change as they are surrounded. So its basically a scream after the "come and get it " :smiley:

the blendshape activesmoothed

still a lot to do with the body especially the painting weights to pose him which is killing me right now :smiley: anyway any suggestion and paintover is more than welcome :smiley:


ahh hell this sounds like an interesting idea

this is a peice im working on right now, i have spent some time on it and im very near the end i think so ill post it for you to have a gander, i do view any input as gold dust and its always good to get a slaping about to wake one up as it were

  1. What about copyright issue?

  2. If it is a paintover, do we need to submit original Photoshop or Painter files, or for 3D works do channel outputs help? or just a formal jpeg is enough?


My monitor really sucks and the colors are far off the goal of a fantasy setting with a heavy mood, I would love any advice and a proper painter over, and with scan lines included…


well i would think the paintover is advice given a more fuller approch and is altering an original idea no creating from scratch, so if your worried about copyrights i dont think there is much cause for concern, still its his thread and his time, so i will not put words in anothers mouth.

j mac


This is awesome, thanks for the opportunity to get a critique. I am stuck with this character. One of the main things that I do not like is the hair. I modeled her hair
and I dont know of a good max plug in for hair thats cheap. Otherwise I want her to
be dangerous and mysterious, but I think her outfit isnt really conveing that air of
mystery if you will. also when i first created her i pictured her with a shot gun, but looking at her again her weapon doesnt fit her, its almost like she needs to have a knife or sword. i really am stuck and I actually have put this character aside for 3 weeks now and really
need to get back to her to finish her so I can pose her. i do have the concept i am working from if that will help, but i did not know if posting it here would break the rules, instead i can include the link if you want to take the time to look at the concept as well. thanks again.
concept can be found at: http://chaosincorporated.com/Guide.htm


yo Steven all the respects to you, and thenx again for the journey overpaaint:thumbsup:


Just I would like to have a good overpaint session rundown with finer rules…


this is the greatest idea since… cgtalk.
looking forward to it! way2go


Copyright rules? ok, I guess it doesn’t hurt to be thorough…
Let’s see. You own your original artwork of course.
Since the purpose of my painting on it is to help you finish it, you’re also free to copy my paintover and call the final result 100% your own (but obviously you can’t call the paintover itself 100% your own).
It would be rude of anyone to make money off the finished painting though, especially if I helped a lot… like for instance a professional illustrator using my paintover services on a commission, without asking or paying me… I would ask you all not to do that, or if you have to, please tell me when you submit.
The paintover itself, I don’t own that either, but I think I should have the right to show it to other students in the future, giving proper credits and all.

And as for file-types, a simple jpeg like any ordinary posted image is fine.



It’s awesome of ya to do this Steven, youre a spectacular artist and any advice from you on a more professional look would do ANYONE good, even a pro like you :wink: (wonders what a paintover for Linda B would be like lol :wink: )

Anyhow, i do have a piece that i would so absolutely love to get some of your advice on, but since there are already 4 in line i’ll hold off til next session (if i can slip in hehe) Just wanted to be sure to thank you, in the extreme, for the contribution you’re making for us here!


This will be a great learning experience and a fun thread to watch. We can’t thank you enough. :applause:


very nice idea! :thumbsup: so how long will this last?


I live in Philadelphia. The ‘Body Works’ exibit just passed through at the Franklin Institute. The ‘artist’ makes art out of dead bodies. Real live dead bodies. Gunther Von Hagens. First Serious Photoshop illustration I’ve been working on. It consists of many layers, at least 15. For a more finished product, I think the guts need work, the body from the breasts down need work, the background maybe, Shadows, Highlights, and anything else. Make it look like a cenobite from hellraiser, whatever. Im kinda tired of messin’ with it, though, it should be finished. I kick myself…




so how long will this last?

I make no guarantees, but could be as long as this one:

Up to 138 pages now :smiley:

Here’s the first:

And even though it’s not quite what I had in mind (this one could actually fit better in my other thread, see above), I did a quick markup on this one as well:

Jaw seems to become narrower at the lower edge when the tissue there stretches (about 1 cm inward on each side, at the same time a part of the jaw hidden behind the zygomatic arch emerges and bulges the cheek out


This is what I call as a extremely nice idea Steven! You are an amazing artist and any help from you would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I also have an image I would like to be overpainted. I’ve been stuck with it for awhile and it would be great if you could help me out.

But as there already is 4 images in a row, I’ll just have to wait :slight_smile:




It seems that there isn’t 4 untreated pieces in a row anymore :slight_smile: So I guess I’ll post mine.

I’m stuck with it, not too fond of the facial expression and don’t have a clue on what to do to her torso. So it would be great if you could help me out :slight_smile: Just do what you see as best for it.