painting works for one texture and not another?


btw: i posted this on LUX’s forum as well, but no luck there…

I laid out UVs and painted them all in photoshop, however that leaves me with nice little seams visible along the backs of most of my geometry. So when I try to paint out all the seams in Modo, the brush moves around, but no paint comes out – painting only seems to work when painting on the leaves…

And yes, I have the corresponding geometry selected when trying to paint.

Any ideas??

EDIT: just wanted to note that, if I select the image map and go to my UV window, I can paint in there – yet I still can’t paint in the 3D viewport (all except for the leaves)


Quote from Chris Puzzle Provine :Hey,
I loaded your scene, and have the same issue. My only suggestion is to redo your UV map for the body and try again.
Good Luck with this!

well, at least now I know it’s not just me …

20min later okay, so upon realizing that apparently this issue has something to do with the file, I exported it as a lightwave (since they seem pretty compatible with most modo features) and re-imported that into modo…anddddd drume roll please



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