painting textures ??


if i have a model and i want to paint textures in photoshop, is there any good tutorial showing how to unwrap it so it’s ready for painting in photoshop ? also any plugins that would make this process easier/better ? thanks in advance !


LW’s native UV mapping tools are really easy to use, all they require is a little logical thinking, and LOTS of editing :smiley:
Just choose the most appropriate mapping projection for your model, unwrap, and then unweld and edit the points to remove stretching.
Then export to EPS and open in Photoshop and start painting! :slight_smile:

I wrote an article about UV mapping in LW, it’s on the NewTek site along with all their other tuts. You can read it here :wink:


thanks Leigh!


great tut leigh!!!

just what i’ve been looking for!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




Leigh: When will your book on texturing be available?



It should be out at the end of the year, allaboutkeys :slight_smile:

Glad you guys liked the tut, btw :thumbsup:


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