Painting Skin Weights


Hi guys, I’m working on rigging a character, and I’m trying to paint some skin weights. When I begin painting my skin weights, the area turns white as it should. Then, I go to the next joint to paint, and that turns white as it should. However, when I go back to the previous joint, all my skin weight painting is gone, and it is once again black. Why is this happening? Thank you!


Essentially what I have is a fully rigged model except for the hands, which I just parented to the existing skeleton. I only have the left hand. How do I get it to work, and then how do I get that to happen to the right hand?


Edit: What I’m trying to say is, on top of my skin weighting problem, how do I bind my hand to my mesh (that already has a skeleton smooth bound to it)?


figured it out. my skeleton wasn’t bound to my skin correctly.


sounds like your weight painting is happening correctly. Full white means fully bound to that joint and no other. Painting to full white you were essentially just transferring weights from one joint to another.


Sounds like you may have weights held on the joints?!

Why would you skin to an incomplete skeleton? Just parent the hands correctly into the hierarchy of joints and add the new joints as influences to the bound skin.



oh yeah. I always forget about hold weights. I tend not to use that, so it never springs to mind for an answer to a problem.


lricho: Have you tried David Walden’s skinningTools.mel? It’s a huge help and I would not want to have to skin in Maya without it.



nope, i’ll check it out though. Anything to ease the frustration of skinning is a good thing.


Amen to that! :slight_smile:


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