Painting Skin Weights Causes Distortion - Please Help


I’m having a problem with painting weights on a model of mine. I have built a rig for it but when editing the vertice weights for skinning, the verticies distort. This happens sporaticly on all portions of the mesh. I have included a link to a gif i made for demonstration. In it, i was trying to correct some of the verticies so that when the arm was lowered, the rib cage would not collapse in on itself. However, as you can see in the gif, when painting the weights, the verticies seem to be drawn to a point somewhere behind the model. I have tried everything i can think of but nothing works or explains why the vertecies are influenced in that manner.
I am still new to Maya so any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.



Hi. this is my suggestion…

Go to componet mode, select the vertices you are having problems with and “normalize” their weight, this would put the vertices in the place they were when you created them. From that star adding weight to them, DO NOT scale down.

I am not at my computer right now, so Ican´t tell you where to normalize them. I think is under Animation Skin somewhere… sorry for that.

You go to component editor to manually assing weights to any given vertice too.

Hope it helps a little.




Thanks Richard, i’ll give it a shot when i get to school. I’m just hoping it works, since its been giving me problems for the last couple of days.

From that star adding weight to them, DO NOT scale down.

Heh, im sure you saw the “scale” attribute in the GIF. Someone else pointed that out to me as well and im sure i just forgot to select “add” for the purposes of the GIF. It seems to not matter what i do, reguardless, the vertecies are influenced to that single point behind the model. Hmmm…Anyways, i will give your suggestion a shot and will post if it works. I appreciate your reply.:slight_smile:

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Hmm…“normalizing” the vertexes didn’t seem to work. However, i did find a solution. I had been using “hold weights” and when i toggled them off and reskined the mesh, i encountered no problems while painting weights. Weird.


I had a similar problem. One solution, if this happened with only with a few verts, is to select the problem verts and make sure they are weighted only to the nearest joint (the one you want them primarily weighted to) in the component editor. This would at least make them snap back into place, and then you could probably continue painting.


This happens when the weighted value on the vertex doesn’t equal 1 (under or over 1). When painting weights, always paint from the appendages inward - I usually start with the feet and move to torso, then fingers, hands and move up the arms to torso, locking the weights as I move in. For the hands, the vertices are so close together that I will do everything by the component editor because it’s easier (depending on the number of vertices involved).

You can unlock hold weights in the component editor - when the vertex is selected you will see the bones affecting it and whether they are locked (on/off) just type a zero in the “on” box and you can manually edit the weights and make sure they add up to 1.

I must tell you, Gnomon’s skinning series is absolutely invaluable for learning this stuff, I recommend picking them up asap if you really want to know what’s goin on :slight_smile:


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